Thursday, June 3, 2010

MPS Selling Appointment: "This is Turning Out to Be One Hell of a Morning!"


It's 8:15 AM.

You are prompt and waiting in the lobby of Galactic Rail Works - fifteen hundred users.

Your appointment is with the CFO.

On the phone, he told you he is not interested in any of those "large, enterprise level engagements" but wants a local provider who is flexible and will listen.


You have all your materials. The marketing pieces. The software data sheets. The company profile - all printed in glorious color.

Your faux leather portfolio contains a fresh pad of lined paper - no make that graph paper. Most every pocket is stuffed with newly minted business cards, your moniker now followed by "MPS Specialist"

Not only that, at your feet, saved on your laptop's hard drive, is the short, 32 slide deck .ppt just bursting to jump out. A copy saved on the pen drive in your pocket, just in case.

You barely slept last night. You're giddy.

Talk track rehearsed and roles played every Monday morning with the Sales Manager. He even sat next to you while you cold called/dialed 100 dials.

And you swear to the Sales gods that if there is an elevator in this place, you've got the pitch ready.

This is your first MPS appointment. And your hope is to get your assessment green-lit.

You're ready.

All is well, except for the fact that sitting next to you is the seasoned MPS Selling Professional. Your coach, sent to accompany you on your first appointment.

We'll call him Hicks, and it looks like he is taking a nap.

Hicks doesn't have any slicks.

He hasn't attended the "mandatory" role playing sessions for months, let alone those Friday afternoon "Weekly Summary/Share Your Good News" meetings.

As a matter of fact, all he brought with him are business cards, a small note pad and his Starwalker.

You are aghast.

The receptionists says to go right in, the CFO's office is all the way to the back, on the left. Corner office.

Before you can elbow Hicks in the gut, he is standing.

"Give me all those." he commands.

"These?" you ask referring to the marketing materials.

"Yeah. Those. Give them to me."


"Give em..."

The marketing slicks find their way into his hand as you notice his other is holding your laptop bag.

Before you can ask, Hicks walks over to the receptionist, "Hi, Judy," he can read her nameplate, "...can you watch this laptop for us while we meet with John? Oh, and is there a place I can toss these?"

And just like that, your slide deck, marketing materials and magic feather are gone.

Turning to trail Hicks, you feel the floor drop out from underneath you.

Marketing slicks don't sell MPS.

Software doesn't sell MPS.

Real role playing should never include a co-worker or manager, unless you are married to him/her or reside in California.(I know, I know...)

Slide decks don't sell and elevators can't buy MPS.

A pen and some paper or a white board and the stuff between your ears, that's all you need.

Internalize your process, study business, get to know your clients.

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