Saturday, November 6, 2010

HP's Hurd - Wall Street Journal Timelines the Fall...

In an article by Rubert A. Guth, Ben Worthen and Justin Scheck, at WSJ.COM, new details of the Fall Of Hurd are exposed.(yes, the above is a picture of Jodie, Playboy, 1980)

Even though we are at the tailend of the escapade, the WSJ story is a great summary revolving around the letter sent to Hurd on behalf of Ms. Fisher, from her lawyer, the one and only, Gloria Allred.

Some felt the HP bent Mr. Hurd over, but the seriousness of the allegations apparently made the board stand up and notice.

Ms. Fisher claimed Mr. Hurd revealed to her, HP's intention to purchase EDS prior to publicly announcing - an obvious premature release.

Additionally, Mr. Hurd claims he and Ms. Fisher watched a Minnesota/Green Bay football game, first in the hotel bar and later together in his hotel room. Scurrying off at the "two minute warning."

Well, judging from this shot, she likes Texas, and everybody in Texas is a football fan - correct?


From the article, "...In one previously undisclosed example: The CEO had told directors he didn't know Ms. Fisher acted in adult movies, say people briefed on the matter, but investigators hired by H-P learned he had visited Web pages showing her in pornographic scenes, including a site called ""

Don't go there, it ain't worth the click. Go here, instead.

Also, and this one cuts a bit close to the bone,

"... Mr. Hurd and Ms. McIlvaine told Covington they first spoke to Ms. Fisher about a job at the Fairmont Miramar Hotel & Bungalows in Santa Monica, Calif. Mr. Hurd interviewed her a second time in Denver, where the two had a three-hour dinner, and stayed at the same hotel. After her hiring, Ms. Fisher met Mr. Hurd in Atlanta, St. Louis, San Diego, Madrid, Los Angeles, Laguna Beach, Calif., Chicago, Beverly Hills and Tokyo, among other cities, the probe found..."

I wrote about his meeting here in Beverly Hills - here.

Again, who keeps saying "printers aren't sexy..."???

I guess no matter how much money we make, or how many thousands of families depend on the decisions we make, in the end, we do what we can to "be young forever" keeping those Teenage Dreams alive.

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  1. Not surprising he's a pig. Interesting mistress or more like...Mi-stress. You make the bed you lie in.

    Thanks for sharing.