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Monday, October 24, 2011

Lyra, 2012 - I Just Received My Invitation

Ours is a world of choices, it's what makes us human.

Years ago, when I approached Lyra for my very first set of press credentials, I was impressed when they said, "yes".

I've attended the last three Lyra conferences.

Other than free entry in exchange for some tweets and blog posts, Lyra and The Death of The Copier have no other type of relationship.

They've never paid me a dime.

So when I say the following, my view and opinion are from a clean place with clear intent.

I truly disliked every statistics course I ever paid for and attended.

Each session was pain, every assignment torture. But not only did those experiences teach me that numbers can be made to say anything, I found great respect for those who could work the algorithms, those who actually 'liked' playing with formulas, demographics and progression analysis.

Lyra is populated with these types - with a spin.

They like numbers,sure. The spin is they can present graphs and charts and matrixies in an easily understandable manner.

Specifically, Lyra looks at all the OEM's in our industry and presents their 'best' view of each financial position. Every year, for the past three, this session has been the most fascinating.

"A Word From Our Sponsors"

As much as our world is one of 'choices' it is also a world of money. And putting on a yearly conference is expensive - I know.

So the formula is to seek out financial backers to support. Usually in exchange for signage, advertising or speaking engagement.

Often, the sponsors expect a favorable presentation of their company. And there is the rub. For a statistics based company, impartial presentation is vital -reputation is paramount.

Lyra, in my opinion, has stayed true to their mission.

I recommend the show and their reports.

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