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Friday, October 14, 2011

The Ultimate Managed print Services in a Box - "Ink Subscriptions" from HP


This is why we cannot define MpS as simply toner and service, Stage 1 & 2.

HP press release:

"HP today announced it is collaborating with Condé Nast to explore a new digital content distribution medium that merges rich content and digital-to-print service.
Additionally, HP plans to launch a pilot subscription service, HP Instant Ink, that automatically delivers replacement ink to customers at home or work while offering potential cost savings...

...HP Instant Ink pilot program

As the printer evolves into a content hub in homes and offices, HP Instant Ink allows additional content pages to flow – with savings and convenience for the user.

HP Instant Ink delivers Original HP Ink cartridges to the home or office when needed. Users may receive up to 50 percent annual savings on ink cartridge purchases for one low monthly fee.

Subscriptions for HP Instant Ink will be available from $5.99 to $10.99 per month depending on the product line, plus all cartridge shipping is included..."

Head scratching logic, what intent is revealed ?

How far away is the "buy a fleet of 9050's, and receive toner and service, automatically, via an HP van.  All for a flat, monthly fee?

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