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Saturday, December 31, 2011

To Boldly Go

And so it has finally come to this - There is nothing new for me to write.  There is nothing I can say, that I haven't said before; Manage Print Services has peaked and it's time to "jump the curve".

Sure, there are plenty of adventures remaining, lots of cold calls, assessments, proposals, and engagements remain to be had.

Have it.

I will certainly NOT stop talking or writing about technology in our little niche - see you at some shows.

But there is more...

As we begin 2012 - my 50th revolution around the Sun - it is Time. It is time to remember, acknowledge, and let go.

These past four years have been "full of Stars" - so many new colleagues, partnerships, and friends.

People, comrades in arms, walking up to say hello. To tell me that my words and my thoughts helped them in some personal way.  I am still flabbergasted, stunned, and humbled.

Thank you.  Thank you for reading.  Thank you for saying hello, for emailing me, for asking, and for moving forward carrying with you some remnant of me.

In the end, I have always known this - DOTC isn't so much about me, it is about Us, about You.  Defiant.

All those sales meetings and slammed doors. The spilled toner, messed up demos, confusing commission structures, abusive, ignorant, report-generating middle management - cold call blitzes - and Friday afternoon round-ups.

I've been there. You've been there. I am not alone.  You are not alone.  We Are Not Alone.

That's what DOTC is about.  People.

Personal Note -

I've met along the Way, many people, many souls and I have been so fortunate to have met special people, again and again, and again.

"I have nothing left...nothing to give you. I have No Pride, No Dignity, No Money...I don't even know how we'll make a living. But...I promise, I'll love you, the rest of your life." - Again and Again.

Oh, the fun we shall have.


Our relationship reminds me, again and again, that life is more than a blog, more than a job, occupation, political structure, funnel management, or MpS.  Life is Personal, integrated, and about people.  All the people we've ever met, known, loved, and left.

And Life can be full.

Not full of boxes. To box and separate all the segments of your life is to lose the potential for even greater accomplishments.

Integration of business and personal, of who you are with what you do, within reason, is risky. Exposing. Crazy. Contrarian. Defiant.  And can be more fulfilling.  Satisfying. Deeper.

The niche we work in has the power to connect so many on every level - but there is a DarkSide an Edge.

This same technology can chill and separate, isolating all of us into jello-filled cocoons.

But we can only be separated by choice.  If we allow ourselves to get caught up and numb.  If we forget to hear the music, to taste the music.  That is why I've embedded so much music into these works.  It is humanizing.

To listen is to Remember. To Hear is to Acknowledge.  We are all human.  The CxO puts his pants on the same way I do.  

We are all Flawed.  Hurd ain't got nothing on any of us.  Get over it.

The ride isn't over, the world moves and we move with it.  We are all Born to Run.

We are building a new craft.  A bigger, inclusive, more ambitious Fleet.  The Enterprise (1701-X) and the Defiant NSX.  Failure, surrounded by the Dark UnSeen, is always a possibility.

That's where We want to go, through the Darkness.  Are you coming with me?

I love it.

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