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Thursday, December 8, 2011

"...You All Read this Tome for different reasons...I'm asking more of you...sure as I know anything, I am to misbehave..."


"...Let's be bad guys..."

Brick and mortar is dead.  

The ways of the past are limiting.  Still, the Ways are promoted, adhered to, and pushed down from the AllianceArchaic.

We who abide, sleep in the cubical that has become life.  Suckling the metal teat, swallowing the dogma and false promise of a heartless Utopia. Blissful. One day, we wake up selling copiers.

Those of us who see, rile and squirm under the thumb. We are misunderstood chastised and subjugated.  Seen as different, defiant.


We Who See are unwilling traitors, reluctant 'slingers,  first fighting then finally admitting our place in the ecosystem.

We look right, then left, and proclaim,  "...let's be Bad Guys..."

"...No More Running..."

More paper...more machines, more power, more data, directing, telling, whispering in your ear...

"'re a hero, you have followers, you're famous, obey your heart, you're in charge..."

Hypnotic and empty sunshine blown right up your A$$. The siren song of compliance.

They keep you reaching for quota, margin, all necessary and good, but they hold you back, chain you to the past, their past, not even yours.

They create 'new' training packages that are nothing but relabeled 80's swill. They tell you to sell solutions, and be more competitive, (lower your selling price) while the back-end rebates slip to the bottom line - 'it's how we pay for the year-end party' - upchuck.

So you wind up wounded, not even dead...knocking on MIF, churning and burning, cold calling CIOs and IT Directors. Fighting the service manager to lower the CPC, scratching your head over not getting paid on copier service agreements...huh.

You're running through a mind-numbing, monochrome, maze.  They move the cheese and keep you running.

No more running.

"...Oh no, they're not going to see this coming..."

They won't.  They don't. They can't.

They see what they want to see - a centrally controlled, field of Zombie-Minions.

The minions are everywhere - not just in imaging but in Pharms, office products, fluid components, IT/MS, and nanotechnology. Purveyors of all types of widgets, services, and niches yet to be created - the LongTail is everywhere.

Who is this AllianceArchaic?

In fiction, they are known as the Machines, SkyNet, the Empire, the Borg, Decepticons, P1, and Colossus

In Real Life, they could be the corporation, the government, ownership, banking, the establishment, social norms, or even Hollywood.  In Real Life, The AllianceArchaic is more difficult to see.  But it is pompous and filled with hubris.

Now is the time - all I would ask is that you ask yourself, "is it my time?"  If so, move.  Move directly toward your detractors, head first.

The AllianceArchaic won't see it coming, all they can see is themselves.

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