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Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Top Six Managed Print Services Organizations of 2012

Photizo, Supplies Network, Xerox, Great America, MWAi,  & Lyra 

Photizo - They get it right and have been there from the beginning.

Before Gartner ever considered an MPS Quadrant, Photizo was there.

Back then Gartner didn't give a lick.

IDC, didn't know MPS.

Back then, half of our "esteemed" instructors carpet bagged on dealer fear.

When the consultants of the day were espousing the similarity of  MpS to color and poo-pooing MpS as "just another marketing scheme..." Photizo tagged the name "Hybrid Dealer" - of course, they copied the phrase.

That's what Copiers Do.

While others were 'find and replacing' the word 'copier' for 'MPS', Photizo published the Three Adoption Stages of MpS.

And just as others enveloped those three into their MPS talk-track, Photizo added even more stages, resulting in the above chart.

They've gotten it.  They've been on it from day one.

Now some in our ecosystem confuse me with them, promoting me as a Photizo employee or worse, their hatchet-man.  Don't get me wrong, I have no problem being a GunSlinger, but I choose both my allies and my targets - nobody tells me where the Red Dot lands.

Truly, if back in the day anybody else was saying what Photizo was saying, I would acknowledge them as well.  

"...Sooner or later, One has to take sides, if one is to remain human..."

So we make our choices and we stick with the plan.  I chose Photizo because they've been right there on the same page as I, seeing the same things I have in the field from Genesis.  And sometimes, they make people uncomfortable - awe, poor baby...

Supplies Network

Doug and Barney have kicked it up over there in St. Louis.  The giant third party toner distributor has not only created a full blown MpS infrastructure, engaged a Premier BeMod software concern, and grown business, they've lied down with the Lion Herself, HP.

Carbon Six is a very good and proven infrastructure program.  Their expanding partner network is impressive and growing.

The vision, from the top is all encompassing. There must be more in store for 2012.


Yes, yes, yes...I know.  "Xerox still makes copiers..." I see 2012 being a pivotal year for the X.  ACS is getting introduced into MpS accounts.  Xerox has what seems to be and endless amount of marketing dollars available - I mean, most people think PagePack 3.0 covers ALL machines.  Market dollars well spent.  

2012 is the year Xerox's MpS catches up to their marketing department.  Look for linkage into ACS, ASSET DB and more.  And yes, in the channel, even.

Great America

It's a leasing company. No, its an MPS infrastructure company.  No, its a network management company.
Well, that's just the beginning.  From H/R, MPS, to Managed Services, Great America has their hands into more than just equipment leasing.

2012 for GA will be a year of blazing trails into the VAR world - watch them.

Mike has been banging the M2M, technology is your friend, get in or get run over, mantra for the 3 years I've known him.  If you want to see the future, talk with Mike.  He gets it, his company does and he has been building a network of powerhouses.

Machines talk to each other, but we haven't seen anything yet.  Beyond the technician, and beyond the box, the Grid(the little grid, not the Big Grid) is MWAi's backyard.

2012 may be the year more imaging yaks catch up to Mike but it will certainly be the year our brothers in the VAR realm recognize MWAi as an industry leader and innovator.  Look out.

Okay, this is my personal favorite.  The very first time I was able to pass out DOTC business cards was Lyra, 2009.  The look on all those copier dealer faces as I introduced my self as "The Death of The Copier" is priceless.

But the real fun was listening to all the stats on our industry as presented by the folks at Lyra.  They are still the best at guessing the big OEM's financials and stimulating thought inside the industry.

True, I can do without the B2C conversations, but I guess some still sell to consumers.

This year looked to be a normal Lyra get together with more MPS - until last week.  Last week I received an updated email outlining one of the keynote speakers discussions:

‘Crossing the chasm’ or ‘approaching the precipice’? “The Awakening” or “2012” for the hard copy industry?

Are vendors retreating into the ‘retreating vertical’/“Safe House” or have they reached the “Vertical Limit”?

The connected consumer and the demise of printing: “The Pursuit of Happyness” or “The Sum of All Fears”? 

Alternate endings: “Live and Let Die” or “The NeverEnding Story”?

Innovation Part II: “The Return”? 

More than printing, more than pages and more than more than MpS - it always has been more than MpS.

Interesting topics, posed within the context of movies - huh. Nice technique.
There you have it.

The DOTC 2012 top 6 to watch.  In no order:

Supplies Network
Great America

Enjoy and happy New Year!

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