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Thursday, June 13, 2019

#ArcDrive, seven days after introduction. What's the word, so far?

So far, the word is positive.

We’ve conducted multiple demonstrations (an average of three per day since the rollout).

We’ve had interest from all over the country and across the globe (Dublin, South Africa, and Namibia).

Although not all meetings and discussions were perfect, overall feedback is very impressive. Just like you, I ask a few assessment questions at the beginning of a discussion.

This is a sample of what dealers are saying at the very beginning of our meetings:

  • “The Cloud means ‘forever’” - regarding the current cloud model
  • “Our current scanning solution is unreliable.” - an OEM centric solution
  • “I am not happy with my supplies provider.” - one of the big two supply houses
  • “My DCA rates have been going up.” - one of three consumed data collection agents
  • “It can take a service technician three hours to set up a user panel.” - OEM centric solution
  • “We talk our customers into scan to email because [OEM] scanning wasn’t worth their time.” - OEM centric solution
  • “It’s [the current capture and workflow solutions] way to0 expensive, it’s too complicated, and we get no support beyond the initial training."

Sound familiar? We’ve all been there.

I’ve probably uttered the same phrases more than once. Unless you’ve got a multi-million dollar, MDF assisted support budget, chances are you’re in the same boat.

The big software OEMs are too expensive. The ‘up and coming’ solution houses have suddenly forgotten you. Your DCA costs are rising, and nobody cares. Your customers do not copy or print as much, are hungry for an easy to use answer and do not want another reason to stand next to a copier.

What your clients do want is ArcDrive, they just don’t know it yet.

ArcDrive is affordable, easy to sell, and simple to use.

ArcDrive helps dealers defend their base, add streams of income and enhance repeatable revenue.

ArcDrive is an appliance(computer) loaded with managed print services, advance capture, and intelligent workflow tools. ArcDrive can be attached to a network or stand-alone workstation.

ArcDrive is simple to use, easy to sell, a one-click implementation appliance with managed print services advance capture an intelligent workflow.

Our discussions are always straight forward - the ArcDrive isn’t brain science, it’s rocket surgery. After a forty-five minute conversation, what have dealers remarked? Here are a few snippets:

  • “It is Simple.”
  • “Cool. Very impressive."
  • “I do believe my sales team can sell this.”
  • “Our current document solution is in the cloud and cheap but doesn’t have the DCA."
  • “I like the managed print services and digital documents bundle.”
  • “That’s one-tenth the cost of the solution the bigger dealers are proposing.”
  • “I’m going to approach all my clients and upgrade then to ArcDrive."
The ArcDrive is the ultimate level of sophistication; it's simple.

Curious? Register for the Press Conference, June 18th, 10AM-11AM Pacific.webinar.

We’ll introduce the philosophy and vision that is ArcDrive and why ArcDrive is right for you and your clients.

Register here.

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