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Friday, June 28, 2019

#ArcDrive: Interview on P4P Hotel with Art Post

Art Post was one of the first people out on the internet, writing and posting content around copiers and copier sales.

His site, P4P Hotel is an industry standard.

It is always fun to catch up with Art and talk about the old days.

I am thankful for his friendship over the years and honored by his interest and this interview.


If you follow industry press releases like me then you're aware that the King of MPS aka Greg Walters recently released his Arc Drive. Yes, I was curious as to what is the Arc Drive and what does it do?

A few nights ago Greg and chatted about Arc Drive and below is how our chat went.

Art: Hey Greg, okay first question for you, where the heck is Oconomowoc, Wisconsin?

Greg: It’s in between Madison and Milwaukee in lake country. A quaint town, there are 12 bars within a square mile or so. I occasionally write about the town,

Art: Is an Indian word that’s used for your town?

Greg: Yes, that’s right.

Art: Do you know what that translates to in English, I’m betting it means land of managed print, right?

Read the rest, here.

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