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Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Convergence Chat with Greg - #Imaging Channel, Fall in Love Again. #ArcDrive

Do you remember your first time?

Remember configuring the first #copier, late at night for a morning delivery? Staying up past midnight, attaching the finisher, paper drawers, ADF, and large capacity paper tray?

Remember the first time you forgot to order a stair climber or tile protection? How about the time you used the forklift to deliver an Oce up to the second floor?

Did your heart sink when that toner spilled out on the floor during your demo?

You fell in love with it, all of it. You fell in love with watching your employees and customers evolve. Memories of the small office Christmas parties, new babies, and hiring your nephew, still warms your heart.

Your vision, your idea, your business.  Partnering with hardware vendors who worked with and valued your relationship.

It's easy to say those days are long gone - one time partners are wily competitors, rivals have turned into arch enemies and the elusive client doesn't fall for stunts, techniques or bloated copier deals.

It's tough.

"The first rule of flying? Love. Love keeps her in the air when she outta fall down..."

Love what you do, again. Love bringing your customers something new, shiny, again.

It's called #ArcDrive and it's new, fun, easy, familiar, sophisticated and for you.

Fall in love again,

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