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Thursday, August 29, 2019

#ArcDrive Does Not Do Trials. You Shouldn't Either.

Something has been on my mind for a week or so regarding sales. (go figure)

The Free Trial.

Do you send a fully configured copier to a prospect as a trial? The practice was common back in the day and carried a close rate in the high nineties. I don't hear about trials all that much anymore - I mean, who hasn't seen how a copier works?

The other day, we had a request for a 'trial version' of #ArcDrive.

We won't do trials, we don't do trials. Why would you ask for one when the investment is less than 0.001 percent of your total revenue - why are you hesitating?

I know why.

It's a matter of trust. I get it. Trust is a difficult thing to earn, measure and keep. It is a cliche, but once lost, trust takes a long time to rebuild.

This has nothing to do with trusting ArcDrive; it has EVERYTHING to do with you NOT trusting yourself.

When did you stop believing in yourself? When did you start second-guessing? For both prospect and provider, trials are for the weak and #ArcDrive will not be your enabler. A "No" from #ArcDrive is a version of tough love. Deal.

At the risk of future sales, saying "no" will help you rediscover the trust you've lost - that trust which once spoke to you.

As the owner of a business generating over $1M in revenue, you must have made risky decisions in the past. What happened? Why are you hiding behind "due-diligence"? You're in the shadow of prudence & status-quo - maybe that's why you've stayed at the same revenue level for the past 20 years.

I'm not saying you should make decisions 'willy-nilly' and I know you've been burned in the past. I am asking you to remember the early days when every decision was a risky proposition yet passion ruled.

That day has returned.

Today you have a chance to change the conversation, give your reps better tools, familiar talk tracks and more commission. An opportunity to expand and thrive, not just survive.

The good news is ArcDrive: Inexpensive, powerful, easy to use, bundled managed print services, advance capture, intelligent workflow, remote device management, mobile print, secure print, & automatic supplies fulfillment - fully supported and warrantied for 36 or 60 months.

There's more: Once you join the ArcDrive Movement, you have access to the best minds in the realm, entre into professional and real-world, sales coaching sessions and marketing material. We'll help you close your first deal with customer-facing meetings, deal crafting, and closing presentations.

#ArcDrive is all this, and a bag of chips.

Join us. It's easy to become a dealer, just don't ask for a trial.

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