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Monday, August 22, 2022

Hunger Stones Reveal 'Ominous' Warnings #ClimateChange

Dropping river levels in Europe are revealing historical artifacts while here in the States, Lake Mead gave up the remains of five folks 'sleeping with the fishes'.

A recent article in Morning Brew states, 

"Perhaps the most ominous findings are the “hunger stones” etched along the banks of central Europe’s rivers. These inscriptions date back centuries, and generally offer the same message to future generations: “If the water is low enough for you to read this, prepare for pain.”

Hunger Stones -  Dire Warning or Comfort in History

The article by Neal Freyman, ends with, 

"Who knows who or what we’ll find sleeping with the fishes in the future? The number of droughts globally has jumped 29% since 2000 due to climate change and land degradation, the UN says."

My question is simple.  

If there are messages of warning embedded in these Hunger Stones (Hungersteine), doesn't this mean historic droughts have been occurring BEFORE climate change became a 'thing' or at least before 2000?  Hunger Stones date back to 1417.

Am I getting this correct? 

"Nothing is so firmly believed as that which is least known." - MC, State of Fear

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