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Tuesday, September 13, 2022

New to Copier Sales: How to Work With Your Technicians

It’s an age-old argument. “Without Sales, the lights don’t come on,” says the selling professional. “Without Service, you don’t get a paycheck,” says the seasoned service technician. Who is correct?

I’d like to share ideas about something I haven’t heard anyone address: the relationship between sales reps and your service department — more specifically, how to work with people who service your customers almost every day.

First off, I refer to working with, not for, your service team. Although you hand an account over once installation is scheduled, your relationship is peer-to-peer and symbiotic. They don’t work for you, and you don’t work for them. Together, you deliver the company’s vision to prospects and customers.

Sometimes, working together can be challenging because of egos – service techs rescue end users, salespeople earn adoration and a commission by making friends. Each process requires a degree of confidence and chutzpah; you’re...

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