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Friday, October 27, 2023

Have You Found What You're Looking For?

The other day, on LinkedIn, I was referred to as 'grandpa' - which made me laugh.  The prose that followed exposed the poster simple minded.


I guess in addition to surprise, the troll ineptly struck a truth.  Time catches us All; it is The Fire in which we burn. 

The turbulence of the day, arguably "the most dynamic age in the history of mankind..." makes it easy to Choose either of two extremes: the comfort of blissful ignorance or the crushing weight of unmanageable chaos - there is no median, no hyperbole. 

It matters not.  The Way proceeds each Edge. The Path is the Thing; the Destination, finding that Thing, is terminus.   It's cliche, but it is about the journey, the search, the wake we leave and the ones we ride on our way to the End - The magic is in the search, in the Looking.

So, call me 'grandpa', I'll call you 'kid' labels aren't destinations but a waypoint.  In the End, I hope you find what you're looking for.  

For those of us who wisdom'd enough to know, here's to Never Finding What We're Looking For. 

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