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Monday, October 30, 2023

Selling is Not Art. Apparently, Niether is Art. "Unsupervised", AI Δnαrchy and You

Art is not Art. 
Unless you're referring to the copier Wizard in Jersey.
"...the piece uses a machine learning model to reinterpret over 200 years of art from MoMA's archives, generating ever-changing audiovisuals..."

All fine and good because when the established norms are challenged, people squeak.  Especially inside the established selling and Art world.  Both are considered to be human generated and sanctioned as untouchable when it comes to technological tools which supplant old-world implements.(AI Δnαrchy)

It is natural.

I believe, if not hope, that a percentage of the creative process is still under humanity's control. 

Side Bar - humans do not relinquish total control.  We use "Prompts".

I ran across an article about art that was created by AI, based on a huge collection of human creations:

"The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York City has acquired a generative artwork called "Unsupervised—Machine Hallucinations" for its permanent collection. 

Created by Turkish digital artist Refik Anadol, the piece uses a machine learning model to reinterpret over 200 years of art from MoMA's archives, generating ever-changing audiovisuals. 

Not only is the exhibit dynamic, based on 200 years of human art, the piece features an accompanying Non-fungible token(NFT) collection. Visitors can mint a free NFT tied to “Unsupervised”—a “blockchain-based memento,” according to the MoMA website.

So, we have

  • Art generated by AI, based on 200 years of homo-sapien efforts.  
  • The result is dynamic, "...changes in light, movement, acoustics, and even weather constantly shift the work’s appearance and sound..."
  • One of the premiere art galleries in the world has purchased the installation.
  • The art piece interfaces with the world via blockchained NFTs.
Oh and while some describe the work as a "glorified lava lamp", visitors love it.

Art, AI, NFTs, blockchain and an audience.  Sounds like the build-list for the best Lava Lamp, ever.

Unsupervised—Machine Hallucinations

Here's my point - if an artificial intelligence can use 200 years of experiences to create something which engages a contemporary audience, imagine what an AI digesting 200 years of selling models, calculations, and outcomes will create.

What if you could unleash AI, like Anadol has done with 200 years of art history, on content from Johann Tetzel, Mary Kay Ash, Napoleon Hill, Carnegie, and Zig Ziglar. Add to this sales models like, SPIN, SNAP , Relationship, Solution selling, Challenger, Sandler, Strategic Selling, MEDDPIC, and Conceptual Selling.  Toss in some IBM, Xerox training models and content for good measure.
What kind of dynamic installation would result?  Like the crowds a MoMA, would you engage?  

As a business owner, C-Level, or sales manager, would you 'hire' a team of digital selling professionals with the above pedigree?

Everything from purchasing a specialized, billion dollar technological solution to the best hand soap are supported by processes built upon hundreds of years of quantifiable, proven, and documented human experiences - data and processes.

Now flip the chart.  What if you could do the same for every single spreadsheet, process, advice, consultation, flow and org chart, from the past 200 years, on the PURCHASING side of the selling equation?

If you are a professional selling, and good at it, that's a chill crawling down your spine, isn't it?

Processes and history; AI eats both.

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