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Friday, November 3, 2023

Copier Reps & ChatGPT: Dedicate, Dive, Envision, Start

Start Using ChatGPT Every, Single, Day

I attended an AI based session the other day. Point of reference, the steady torrent of relevant, informative and inciteful content about AI is almost more than we can bare. I often view two or three sessions at the same time, you should try it.

This session represented a thin slice of the potential that awaits every, single person in the copier industry - this IS THE BIG ONE. AI is changing the way we sell, but more importantly, and a point I know the entire industry is missing, AI is changing the way organizations make purchasing decisions.  

You better pay attention on a personal basis.

Anyone who tells you to "...just wait..", or utters the phrase, "...we don't want to use AI because..." IGNORE THEM. I am serious.  This thought process is dangerous - almost as dangerous as the current anti-AI alarmists spewing rhetoric about how "AI will destroy mankind."  If AI could, it would have already, and if we are dumb enough to let AI go all 'Terminator' on our ass, we deserve a civilizational reset.

Back here on Earth, when management tells not to use AI, smile, nod, find ChatGPT and enter this prompt, "My manager does not believe in AI. How should I continue to work on AI, without getting my manager upset? Is there a reason management is intimidated by AI?"

I know, I know...of course, your job is tough:

  • Of course updating your CRM is important.(to them, not you)
  • Of course, social media is a waste and for kids. (to them, not you)
  • Of course, artificial intelligence is out to replace you. (them, not you)

Continue to labor in the meaningless, manual tasks as chief data collector for your employer.

But if your management is on the same technology page as some of the current members of legislative, judicial and executive branches, keep your resume within arm's reach.

By the way, stop reading useless, old fashioned "how to sell books". (except mine)

Go ahead, binge The Fall of the House of Usher (not the singer, the E.A. Poe thing) while exploring the multiverse of rabbit holes that is ChatGPT on your PERSONAL laptop. Get better at prompting. Get better at asking good, critical questions.

Here's my advice to you:  Dedicate HOURS to ChatGPT, per week.  Start asking everyday questions and move deeper into more and more content.  Heck, pay the 20 bucks and get 4.0.  Then run your non-proprietary content through and ask for improvements.

Talk to it. Listen to it. Use it.  

Talk about it.  

Imagine ways you can help you prospects answer business questions.  

Follow every rabbit hole. 

I asked Chat to improve on this blog by adding a good conclusion paragraph:

Now, take this as your mantra: Engage, Explore, Expand. 

Dedicate not just minutes but hours to mastering ChatGPT. Start with the mundane and escalate to the magnificent. Dive into every conceptual crevice it offers. Speak, ponder, utilize, and evangelize. 

Envision aiding your prospects in unraveling complex business queries. And if you're ready to leap ahead, invest in the upgrade. Imagine the possibilities with ChatGPT 4.0—your queries becoming more nuanced, your searches more sophisticated, your professional brand more dynamic. 

Start with a simple prompt, evolve into crafting a list of search terms, and soon you'll be the one scripting those witty taglines and compelling LinkedIn intros that others only wish they could conceive.

Dedicate, Dive, Envision, Start.


LinkedIn Post Intro:

Are you still just 'copying' the competition? It's time to 'AI' your approach to customer engagement! Discover how artificial intelligence is not just redefining the copier game but rewriting the rules. #AIDriven #CopierRevolution #DigitalTransformation

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  1. If you don't get in front of it, you'll get run over by it. "Stay ahead of the curve"


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