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Saturday, November 11, 2023

How The #University of #Michigan Should Handle This Scandal

UofM is accused of scouting and stealing signs from other teams.  I think the whole thing is horsepucky.  Everyone steals signs - it is the way of things.

The media and 

Publish Everything

Every note, video, text, email generated by and associated to scouting and capturing intelligence about every opponent.
Publish every playbook. Maryland and Ohio State - publish them.

Hold a press conference and make one statement, 

"Here you go.  Take all of our plays, plans, signs and stats.  Now stop us."

Call Notre Dame

Get on the phone with "Our Lady" and propose an alliance - for a new conference.  The Big needs Michigan more than Michigan needs the Big.  Then call USC, Texas, 'Bama and everyone else with the same idea.

Form a Mega-Conferenc.

Call Saudi

The LIV disrupted the sedate, boring world of professional golf.  Pitch a similar idea for collegiate football. I bet the King would love to dump money into the all American game.

Oil is just as green.

Of course the last two options are a stretch - but - I know REAL Michigan football players don't care if you know a play is running off the right guard.  My highschool coach and Bo would often say, "We're going to break out of the huddle and on the way up to the line, point to the exact place we are going to run the ball.  It is up to them to stop us.  

And they won't.

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