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Friday, November 10, 2023

Who Owns Inspiration?

Yup.  I fed the casting call into ChatGPT and this is what came out.

When I train my AI via WSJ, Gartner, TED, NPS...etc. does the AI owe anything? 

AI doesn't own the content, it owns the 'intelligence' gained from reviewing others' content. Isn't it like going to the library, opening the Encyclopedia Britannica, taking notes and creating for compensation(a grade)? 

Or how about attending a lecture, recording said lecture, then creating an essay based on this and other research materials?

If I create an essay that is word for word the professor's, that is wrong.

Who owns the inspiration? This isn't just a great question; it is the GREATEST Question.

Actors worry about having their 'essence' highjacked -  it's "worse than they think.  It usually is." 

If I were to look to casting a hero, I might want an actor that could pull off the best of Tom Cruise, the flair of Robert Redford, the panache of Sean Connery and the charisma of Chris Hemsworth - with a dash of Dice Clay.

The casting call is easy enough - but - feed the above into the latest and greatest AI and look out.  

  1. How did Forest Gump meet John F. Kennedy?
  2. How did Indiana Jones look so good in the latest version?  
  3. How did the studios bring back a younger Princess Leia? 

From story board to studio - click of a mouse.

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