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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A new look over at Managed Print Services Resource Center

MPS - Managed Print Services Resource Center

The folks who gave us the New North America MPS Tracker has a new look and some new content.

I especially like the MPS Adoption Cycle found here. In this article, The Three Stages of MPS Adoption is spot on. I see this every day. And I really like the matrix of Key Questions for MPS Vendors. I just wish there was a better word to use instead of "vendors" - don't vendors push hot dog carts?

And Ken Stewart of has a good article about I.T. working within the organization to achieve business goals. I appreciate this statement from his article,


Innovation is not only coming up with good ideas yourself, but understanding good ideas flow in and throughout the people in your company everyday. Ensure you are seeking out advice from not only business unit leaders, but people on the front line as well. In seeking mind share, individuals will begin seeing that you care about their needs and aren’t just making decisions in your ‘ivory tower’."

To me, this one statement sums up the difference between a successful project and one that dies a million deaths. Everybody has great ideas - but seeing your ideas to fruition is truly innovation.

The Photizo Group site is a good one. Although I can not figure out how they came up with that name except maybe after the New Testament Greek Lexicon meaning
"to shed light". Their report is very illuminating as mentioned in this post back in April.

Managed Print Services is hot. So hot, I am seeing more and more "competitors" on the street. Unfortunately, most are "posers" - either I.T. integrators "coming down" to the Printer level or copier dealers trying to "move up" to the integrator level. It's all very delicious.

Go check it out.


  1. I was just talking with a fellow CIO today, at another independant dealer, on the very subject of MPS and the various tools in the market to manage fleets.

    He hit the nail right on the head in that he stated all of the manufactures think each other are the enemies and don't realize HP is the 800 pound gorilla in the room.

    They think they can peacefully co-exist, but can they? This reminds me too much of how WWII 'evolved'...

  2. Ken, manufactures do project the idea that they are all enemies, at least through the sales staff.

    I think that at the source, they do think they can peacefully co-exist(Japanese culture?.

    Interesting analogy - HP as the 800 pound gorilla, or the "sleeping giant"? HP has a tiger by the tail with this, but they have never been all that aggressive in marketing department until Hurd.

    They need a channel.

    They need to push the "new way to sell".


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