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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Edgeline...and the BreadCrumbs...

A seemly trivial function "wows" the end users. AutoNav.

How many times have we walked past a copier that has been "tagged", a sheet of paper taped to it with the "Broken AGAIN!" message written on it?

Or, how often have we gone to the connected copier "de jour" to pick up a print job, and find not a stapled, 43 page Powerpoint presentation but the "blinking wrench of Death" on the control panel?(I know I shouldn't revel in the misfortunes of others but, HA!)

Or, who in the office becomes the "Chosen One" to Clear Jams"?

Or, how many support calls come into our IT Help desk from the folks in HR who can not print out next weeks company picnic agenda because the Toshiba/Canon/Xerox/Ricoh/Konica/Sharp is jammed?(first level support cost is about 20 bucks per call, additional if IT staff is dispatched to HR)

Well, HP saw this too often. So the scientist(I call them "Propeller Heads", and it is a complement) noticed that most, not all, errors at the copier or driven by mis-feeds coupled with the end users' perception that "they can not fix it" - the end user walks away!

That's right, the end user WALKS AWAY. Want to learn more? Click Here.

Enter Hansel and Gretel and the Bread Crumbs

Never mind that the Edgeline utilizes a new, 4 billion dollar in inkjet technology, or that it is built like a tank, or sets up and connects as easily as the HP LaserJet II, or that the 10 inch diagonal, color VGA control panel shows video of somebody clearing the exact jam the machine is currently experiencing - nope, users love to be lead around the machine by a series of yellowish LEDs!

It's like a mini-field trip.

Small LEDs placed all over the unit light up in sequence leading the end user directly to the source of the problem. And with Edgeline, the paper is usually in the finisher or stuck between the engine and finisher. Once the objectionable sheet is removed(or more) the system walks the user out the same way. And the the Edgeline recovers completing the original job.

As impressive as this is during the product demonstration(as is everything covered during the demo) the lasting and most significant features are the ones remembered and experienced 30, 60 days or 36 months after install.

Salute the Propeller Heads...and Gretel...

PS - this must work, the feature is on the newest color systems, the CM6030/40 - by the way, if you see the "M" in the model number, it denotes the common user interface for the control panel - CM4730, CM8060, CM6040.

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