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Saturday, August 23, 2008

New Report Delivers Definitive Analysis of the Managed Print Services Market

Managed Print Services - A New Study Released

An interesting announcement recently from a firm in Ireland. The report costs 16,000 Euros, but the summary announcement had a few tidbits and even a quote from our friends at The Photizo Group.

From the announcement, " ...we have ‘evolved’ to 2008 where there are a myriad of MPS offerings and services. The question now becomes what is meant when someone says MPS. The Photizo Group defines MPS as ‘outsourcing’ the hard and/or softcopy document management functions.

The key market dynamics have come together to help create the need for managed print services.

The key dynamics are:

-- Adoption of MFP technology – MFP’s have become ubiquitous in corporate America by bridging the gap between copier and printer technology. In addition, MPS-based products have become the on/off ramp enabler for new workflow applications which are the foundation of many potential business process optimization efforts.

-- Changing customers – Decision-making is being consolidated into a single organization, either IT or Facilities/Purchasing.

-- Shifting channels – IT and copier dealers are competing for the same customers and the result is declining margins. It is no longer feasible to be a ‘box pusher’ any longer, and as a result firms see offering MPS programs as a way to improve profitability and to capture market share. Customers now have a wide variety of options for implementing MPS programs, including utilizing local or national dealers or by utilizing a hardcopy vendors' direct MPS program..."


I like the "Shifting channels" comment and agree that box moving is becoming more undesirable - yet I do recognize there will ALWAYS be a place for "transactional" sales.

And customers always change. But, I am seeing the decision being made by BOTH Facilities and IT - in the same room, at the same time - opposed to Facilities handing off the decision completely to the technology group. This makes for an interesting dynamic.

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