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Saturday, August 2, 2008

What risks do I have if I mention my employer on my blog?

2008 -

I posed this question on my LinkedIn... What risks do I have if I mention my employer on my blog? I blog within the industry I work. In my profile, I mention my employer and in some posts, I mention what it is that I do for my company. Is there a Taboo that shouldn't be mentioned? And if I submit a post on another blog and in my signature I mention my employer, do I need the employer to review first? 

The responses have been excellent. 

"Greg, If you are worried about the risks, you are most probably not a risk taker. Simply don't." - Pieter Dorsman ----- 

 "Greg, I struggled with this concept for some time and sought counsel from some of my friends. I came to similar conclusions as everyone else here. 

1) I have a disclaimer on my site. 
2) I do not name names of internal associates, share financial information or anything that would be considered "sacred". 
3) I notified my company's President regarding the site as both notice for consent as well as exposure to new media options. 
4) I am very proud of my company and have purposefully aligned myself with this company due to their cultural outlook being very similar to my own. 

These lead to very productive information, I feel, being present in my posts from:

1) real-world experience, and 
2) true passion and belief. Like Corey said, if you don't have anything positive to say - don't say it if you are skeptical. I like what Nick said also. -Ken Stewart ----- 

"I would say that if you have nothing good to say, don't say it. They can't come after you if you say something on your personal time and personal web property if you don't mention their name or even allude to them. 

They'll never say anything about your efforts if you are positive about them. I think that if your employer requires a review of all that you do then you are working for the wrong employer. Let me ask this... if you are in front of a customer talking, do you first consult with your boss about what you are saying to them?" -Corey Smith -----

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