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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The 2010 North American MPS Conference, May 3-5 - A Good Time Shall Be Had By All

2010 MPS North American MPS Conference

Last year was the beginning. About 150 Managed Print Services thought leaders gathered, commiserated and planned; the MPSA was born.

Today, the MPS hurricane is in full gear with dark clouds, wind, and chaos.

It's only been a year, but there are more MPS tools, vendors, compensation models, channel programs, and workflow solutions, one can shake a stick at; which one of these is the best?

What the heck is SharePoint and how is that going to help me sell more MPS?

What exactly does a MPS end user REALLY want? And how can a traditional or Hybrid dealer step up?

For that matter, how do we get appointments and what in the world do we do when we find ourselves in front of a C-Level prospect?

Where can you go for some cover, some answers? Where can you get realistic, sound, field tested MPS advice? Who can help me separate Myth from Reality?

Fear not, the answers lie at the river bend in San Antonio, Texas, this May(3-5th).

Steps from the Alamo, like minded MPS visionaries will walk the halls of Omni La Mansion Del Rio.

Venture with these Titans of MPS, ask them questions directly over hors d'oeuvres in "Battleship Row". Sit wide eyed as your peers pontificate the MPS bleeding edge.

The theme this year is MPS: The Next Stage...

It's all about the Third Stage, "Enhancing the process..."

Most of us equate enhancing business process with EDM or software.

This is true, but is there more?

Oh yes, much, much more, indeed.

Ed and the gang put on a great show last year, this year's will be stellar.

Go here. Register now.

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