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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Oce REBRANDS Their Current Fleet Management program into Managed Print Services

This is like updating your online Profile.

Well, at least Oce is being honest about it.

In a press release, today, Oce announced Oce MPS, a rebranded version of the company's current Oce Universal Fleet Management service.

"The new offering provides enterprises with optimized utilization of document output equipment, better control of document-related expenses and improved operating efficiency. The net impact is a marked reduction in the total cost of office print/copy, which is estimated at three percent of revenue according to such industry analysts as Gartner, IDC and InfoTrends..."

Oce's stated, idea of a Successful Managed Print Service:

"...Successful Managed Print Service solutions should include a comprehensive assessment of current and future document production output that is aligned with a customized migration strategy for managed print. Staff training and equipment optimization to reduce costs and curb inefficiency are also components of a solid managed print plan. An optimized fleet configuration and effective ongoing management can reduce costs as much as 30%.

MPS Goals:

Improve multi-brand fleet performance and ultimately standardize the fleet

Separate underutilized from cost-efficient systems

Calculate true cost of ownership

With proper managed print, companies receive the resources needed to better control document process operations and expenses. By assessing existing devices relative to the print trends of the organization, it is then possible to redeploy existing assets and achieve a better ROI.

There are many cost-saving strategies inherent in MPS.

Some of those can include:

Route document production jobs to the most efficient device to reduce costs
Encourage document sharing by establishing departmental charge-backs for the cost of printing..."

See it all here.

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1 comment:

  1. My two cents - Oce/Canon is going to be the first player to get the printernet right.

    The heavy duty digital production equipment that Oce has owns the print on demand book and enterprise document space. They also have something called the DNN. Which is a network of digital newspaper output boxes that is way in the lead in Europe.

    I have to believe that's the real reason behind the Canon buy.


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