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Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Final Definition of Managed Print Services...for now.

Ok. This is not a tease.

We here at Death Of The Copier are making a stand.

Staking our claim, drawing a line in the sand.

Here is my definition of Managed Print Services, as of today, March 23, 2010,

"...the act of managing components and processes associated with moving, saving and presenting information in the form of documents..."

...and the crowd goes crazy...well, at least the crowd smiles, brightly...on a beach...somewhere in SoCali.

Here is my take on the definition.

The Managed Print Services Universe is large enough to include all of the parts in the MPS Ecosystem - hardware to software; single function devices to third party toner; from paper supplier to lease company; from remote monitoring to invoicing workflow. It is all here in MPS, and so much more.

More importantly, as we on the inside of the industry struggle to define what it is we can make money with, some of us may be forgetting the prospect, the customer.

After all, isn't MPS suppose to be all about the Client, not about us?

Some say, MPS is simply about "print". I know, I know, its right there in the moniker.

But if we hang our future on the 'P' we are doomed.

Just ask the current pool of unsatisfied copier/printer/output dealers failing with MPS.

And yes ~ it does have a tinge of oldskool and includes EDM.

This definition works; it doesn't tie you to the print, but includes the print.

When using this, your clients and prospects will respond favorably and won't hear "copier" or "printer" so you are not pigeon holed into an equipment and CPI competitive battle.

Your assessments will naturally expand beyond volumes and supplies cost.

This definition can be used by toner folks, copier guys, wide format, FM, software, printer resellers, leasing companies, paper suppliers AND IT VARs.

But the most important aspect: I have been asking PROSPECTS and CLIENTS what they think of it. Market testing, as it were.

I tell them, and then I ask them, what does it mean to them.

Most shrug and say, "... you manage all my processes and units around my information..." - perfect.

One more time - Managed Print Services is,

"...the act of managing components and processes associated with moving, saving and presenting information in the form of documents..."

Inclusive...not exclusive. Brief. Succinct, and Tweetable.

Definition settled.

There. Now we can be friends.

Let us hold hands and frolic amongst the waves, shall we?

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  1. Your definition is spot on. Now, consider that the "documents" don't have to limited to the disappearing walls of the enterprise and you have the printernet.


  2. I never would have thought that I would have pulled up an article on managed print services and learned a little bit more on the subject, while looking at tasteful pictures.

  3. "Tasteful" -

    Today, there must be one hundred, MPS sites...I remember when there were only two.

    Every picture tells a story - why oh why, can't we have some pleasing pictures help our story along...?

    Thanks for reading - keep coming back.


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