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Thursday, March 11, 2010

WOW! Ever been On Demon Drop?

managed Print services Job Trends graph

managed Print services Job Trendsmanaged Print services jobs

As a kid, I would venture down to Sandusky Ohio, Cedar Point, and ride the best roller coasters in the world.

I remember when Demon Drop opened. It was the "bomb".

A simple trip up and a ten-story drop - remember, this was in 1983, before the internet and online gaming.

Imagine my surprise when I read the Demon Drop had been relocated from Sandusky, to out here, in my neck of the woods

I was checking the updated graph showing job openings with "Managed Print Services" in the description - couldn't help but make the comparison.

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  1. Welcome to the end. Welcome to the crash. MPS job dwindle and Edgeline is soon to be buried.

    Crap... what do we sell now?

    I hate zero sum games.

  2. Well - ok.

    Anon, I knew 18 months ago that Edgeline production had ended.

    16 months ago, I informed customers that Edgeline "may be going away..."

    In the last four weeks, I have installed 14 CM88060.

    Tomorrow I order another 5, CM8050's and 20 CM8060 - becuase in October, I reserved them with HP.

    April 1 is drop-dead day.

    June 1, InfoPrint becomes Ricoh.

    In the end, it doesn't matter what name is on the box.

    I sell MPS.

    Kobayashi Maru

  3. Roller Coasters Scare me! And so does this business at times! I am still dealing with the fallout of my decision to work for IKON!

    I guess in the end we really cannot rely on logos or names that we may have come to recognize.

    What is important are the problems that have to be solved and the applications that need to be driven.

    In the end all a customer wants in a solution not a name brand! They could careless if their equipment says Canon or Ricoh what they want are results.

    They dont even care if it is an MFP, a MFD a person with a bone tablet and chisel what they want is to focus on their core strengths and to let us fix their outside problems so they can go back to doing what they do best!

    I hope you are doing well and continue to fight the good fight!

    Pirate Mike

  4. Speaking of Sandusky, have you heard of RS...a company out of Sandusky that actually does MPS, and doesn't just say they do it (IKON.) They, I believe are an elite HP dealer also. Sad about Edgeline, oh well...


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