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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

More Higher Education and Managed Print Services: Down the Rabbit Hole You Go

Andy West, over at the Los Angeles Chronicle has nifty little article outlining how higher education can benefit from MPS.

To summarize his take:

Bad economic times
Organizations looking for places to cut or reduce
MPS can reduce overhead
Educators will see the benefits by not needing so many toner cartridges
MPS can help prevent further cutbacks

Huh - doesn't sound all that bad, except if schools were really serious about reducing costs, they would be reducing the number of non-teaching, admin and "support" staff.

MPS has nothing to do with Education, because the education "market" isn't a free market.

From Andy's article, regarding implementing a Managed Print Services program,

"...When this is properly done, a sound print management strategy can save money, reduce environmental waste, free up IT resources time and extend the useable lifetime of printers. All of this can add up to huge savings for the education industry..."

Well, as incredibly obvious to us as this statement is, many outside our niche, customers and prospects to be specific, still need others to point out good ideas.

Interesting point here, further investigation into the author reveals a diverse field of subjects previously penned. For instance, "The Value of Using a Walker" or "Finding Life Insurance in Australia" and "The Different Types of Shuffleboard Games One Can Play".

Obviously, Andy makes a living writing, so I am not criticizing his occupation, I don't even disagree with his content.

Just some interesting background that indicates more about how MPS is now mainstream.

More from his article:

"With the economic challenges facing the education industry, now seems to be the perfect time for educational leaders to consider the benefits of managed print services. With print management, educators can save significant amounts of money. This savings can help prevent future cutbacks and meet today´s tight budgets. Enjoy the benefits to a print management program today!"

Again, can't argue with this.

I wonder if an audience of educators would really "get" this MPS thing...makes you go, "ummmm"...doesn't it?

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