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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

"I shall call him, Mini-Pad and His Big Sister shall be Maxi -" #Apple

Originally posted 7/9/12

Kindle, schmindle, I want a PC in the form of an iPAD!

I want the comfort of Windows 1.0 and enough ports to plug in my optical mouse AND trackball- while you're at it, throw in parallel port to boot.

And I want it to print to any and every printer in the world. Dare I say, an Epson LQ-2550 and an IBM 4019 Laser printer.

Yeah, print to those, you goofy, goof-ball.

Those Win8, hockey pucks won't print.Not because they can't, because NOBODY WILL WANT TO PRINT.

Will Win8 be a bust?  Will it lock up, like every other Windows version? Has there been a history of new interfaces confusing the hell out of everyone? Whatever.

Isn't it interesting how that demo/roll out seemed to take folks by surprise - Acer, Asus, Samsung..oh...and HP - apparently didn't see this one coming.

Did MSFT jump the gun or did they make a tactical, preemptive strike?


No matter - just weeks after the MSFT Surface announcement, every body has forgotten it.  The newest darling of the technology realm is the Mini-Me, from Apple.

Apple has the Midas touch - they can do absolutely anything they want to do - from 7" pads, to becoming one of the biggest banks in the world.  They could, if the wanted to, buy and sell MSFT and HP.

Apple doesn't want to do that...

What does this mean?

In my opinion, this is just another "Zig" in a world of Zags.  The Mini-Me unit will sell like hotcakes.

Indeed, employees who bring these devices to their cubes and IT departments all over will be answering questions on how to get the corporate email on this little thing.

In the end, just another blurring of the BYOD line.

Do you see what's happening?  "Bring your own device" is meaning less and less - there will be no more 'bring' - it will be 'take'.

TYWW - "Take Your Work With" on the plane, in the john, in the woods, at Wolf 359, or down at the local Dunkin Donuts.(not $tarBucks)

MoJo baby, freedom...even at one eighth the original size.

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