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Friday, September 5, 2014

How to Get Better at Managed Print Services Assessments: 3 Points

Here's a quickie...

For decades, MPS assessments have been a cornerstone to almost every engagement. Even when a 30-Second assessment is popped off, as light as it its, its still an assessment.

Indeed, every sales rep assesses the situation upon entering into a conversation - its only natural. You're measuring the opportunity to be embarrassed or rejected in the first seven seconds. Think back to 7th grade and asking 'whats-her-name' to dance. Or is it just me?

1. Know your pricing -

You've got to have a price list established ahead of time and in your head and be ready to exclude devices you KNOW you cannot support.  If you're confident that MOST B/W devices can be supported with a profit at 0.0120, the go with it.

2. Estimate usage -  

I've seen sales people use 2500 images as an approximate monthly usage figure @ 0.0180 or so per image and come up with an estimated spend two dollars more than actual.  I ain't kidding, either.  

It can be done, you just need to figure it out.

3. Allow for price adjustments in the first 6 months - 

This makes sense, doesn't it?  But why don't we incorporate this in all of our engagements?  Boy, and wouldn't it be nice to review this with your client, explain that your estimate was right on and there's no need for an adjustment?

Move on to more important issues.

** Bonus **

Bill Two Months - In Advance

What, you're too afraid to bill a client two months in advance? Huh.  Once you guesstimate a monthly figure, include two months up front on the contract. 


You're dubious, aren't you?  I've seen bill ahead in the field, heck we've even done it.  In most cases, prospect are going to be open to this process more than your back-office accounting folks - which is a completely different issue and a reason to keep your resume fresh.

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