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Thursday, September 18, 2014

I keep telling you, the 'p' is getting smaller! I have seen the Future of MpS...

Original 11/30/11

"Hello little Printer"

Is your MiF shrinking?

Is your OEM hammering you for year-end commitments and next year's forecasts?

Are MDF and back-end rebates heading right to your bottom line? Or are we finally counting both as top-line revenue? (LOL!)

How's that mobility practice going? Selling many mobile print engagements? To Commercial accounts?

Is that new Xerox 'just too darn big to fit into all your SOHO leads?

Fear not, fragile traveler. The Future of MpS is upon us.

Follow me printing? Sure thing.

Increase in 'clicks'?  Nope.  A new model, "Cost Per Inch".

 "Are those your keys?" she asked, "'s your new mobile printing solution, say hello to my little friend..." 

0.00000000000012/inch - ...I frickin love this business!
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