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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

According to lore, there are Seven Deadly Sins.  I’ll leave it up to you to agree or disagree; believe or not.  

Whatever, here’s the list of Seven:

- Pride
- Lust
- Sloth
- Greed
- Wrath
- Envy
- Gluttony

It’s easy to see all seven playing out in managed print services.  Today, let’s consider the mother of all MPS sins – an excessive belief in one’s own abilities: Pride.

Early on in my managed print services journey, I met many supposed MPS Experts.  I remember some of these guys built an ‘empire’ drilling holes into recovered (from a dumpster) toner cartridges.  They didn’t hesitate to tell me how they have been ‘doing MPS for 25 years’. I was quick to retort, “Oh?  What kind of ribbons did you use back then?”  I found their smug attitude amusing. 

That was in 2009.

Read the rest, here.

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