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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Three Reasons Your Web Site Should Lead With Your Blog

I've been traveling cyber-land since the days of 1200 baud, BBS, and the MiRC was the only IM in the world. One thing I've seen again and again is how something is popular one moment then thirty seconds later, drab and mundane.  The connected world builds loves obsolescence especially with advertising/marketing.

Because of the internet, gone are the days when a Yellow Page ad or 12 year old billboard out front attracted customers.  Today, for now, its all about 'social media', 'keywords' and 'SEO Experts'.

I know, I know - you've listened to all the pundits (moi aussi) tell you to take those copier pics off and stop pitching logo's.  Great. Your clients don't care about logo's or brand names.

Now you've got a 'responsive ', brightly colored, visually dazzling, two dimensional, digital billboard.  Unfortunately, roadside billboards are more dynamic than some of our websites:

Is content is King? No.  REAL CONTENT IS KING.

Is your site a price list or brochure of your services; like a digital 'leave-behind'?  Conventional wisdom (SEO Experts) suggests illustrating your wares is the prudent way to go. And I'm not recommending you present no information - but can't you be a lead with a bit more interesting content?

The experts say you should keep your website 'fresh' - agreed.  But is the freshness skin deep and part of somebody else's revenue stream or are you telling real stories about how you've helped your clients' evolution in the business realm?

If you had a couple of stories a month, real ones, wouldn't your site remain fresh?

And if these stories contained keywords, in an honest manner, wouldn't SEO take care of itself?

How important is it to you, if you're number one on the results page for Seattle, but you conduct business in Atlanta?

I recommend you try something nobody does today:


Madness, I know.  Craziness, I hear you. And yet, as all the other websites in the known universe drop scrollers and pictures of people who don't even work in your office all over your landing page, you all look the same.

But here's three reasons, there are more, that I would stay on a site that opens with  a blog:

1. Freshness Dynamic, not 'news worthy' -

Testimonials scrolling in a column, services outlined in a box or pull-down are common, tedious and fatiguing.  Original content gets me at least through the first paragraph and if I like one, I'll look for another and start clicking all the pull downs, before I know it, I've given my email and click about a dozen do the math.  One thing that leads me to a quick close is stale dates on the blog - have a blog is one thing, no updates since 2012, is a really bad thing.  Almost as bad as having no dates.

2. Personality -

I like to engage with people, not pixels.  Your blog tells me about the people behind the words.  Folks with real lives, challenges, victories and most of all stories to tell. Stories are engaging. What's better is I self-qualify either into or out of your funnel.  Think about

3. Local or Global flavor -

Your blog tell's me about your business and your customers - either down the street or on GMT.  And your organic content will attract other like-minded people from whatever geographic area you mention.  If somebody from LA lands on your site, and reads about how you helped a customer in Detroit reduce costs, he's not going to click deeper into your site.

And that's okay.

Overall, be fresh, present your organization's personality with a local flair and the quality of hits will increase, not just the volume.

As a business owner, I know you can write with the best of them, Balzac, Dreiser, and Rand have nothing on you, you just don't have the time.   You're in a tough position; if you start writing, your business will suffer but if you farm out content generation, the words on your blog will ring hollow. (see #2)

Whatever shall you do?

*** Bonus ***

There are no such things as SEO experts, unless you classify 'expert' as meaning somebody we think knows more than us about something.  You've got a great deal of items on your plate and balls in the air.  As you're concentrating on juggling those flaming chainsaws of doom, do you have the time or inclination to write about the business you live?  REALLY?

Well, I guess something is better than nothing.

I'm don't claim to be an 'expert' just somebody who has actually done it.

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