Friday, August 29, 2014

#AppL & #IBM: Keep Em Separated?

"...IBM and Apple sittin in a tree...K-I-S-S-I-N-G...first comes love, then comes marriage, then little Siri-Watson in a baby carriage..."
The last #APPLE announcement was revealing in terms of technology because of the A7 chipset and the deal with Beats.  The upcoming #APPL announcement this September , has much in store, here are just a few:
  1. New iPHONE 6
  2. The A8
  3. New wearable(s)
  4. Yosemite 
  5. IBM

iPhone 6
By now, we know the new iphone is always awesome. This time, the new phone will set extend Apple's lead in the market, all others will begin to look old-fashioned.  The timing is right for upgrades but some who bought the 5 last year will be slamming phones on Ebay looking to replace with a 6.

Why?  The new processor.

The buzz and anticipation around the op-sys roll out would be enough of an accomplishment for any major, technology company.  Imagine how happy #MSFT and all those Windows users would be if their OS were 50% of what Apple brings.  Yosemite is going to set the bar so high, others will get nosebleeds contemplating the dire situation.


Yosemite will blow the doors off of every other operating system - EVER.

I've seen things - the square mouse that was DOS 4.0, the smooth, out of this world, not ready for prime-time, pre-emptive multitasking OS/2 from IBM and the shear marketing and social goliath called Windows 3.0(1).

When I look at all the Mac OS/X, the actual operational tasks melt into the background - which is exactly what you and I want.  Thoughtless operation.  Support me, no matter how many applications I open.  Don't make me learn about .TMP files and wait 20 minutes for my machine to start up.

Why in  the world do any of us know what the phrase, "blue screen of death" pertains too?  Why should I know this?

I want to be able to share my current app on my MacBookPro, iPad and iPhone automatically -handing off to each device as needed. Impossible? No. El Capitan? Yes.

I want to answer my phone on my MBPro - madness? Half Dome? Yes.

You know what else, I'd like the same op-sys on all my devices...jus saying.  Craziness? Well, yes and coming.

The transparency between apps and platforms, dare I say the "non-fragmented", congruent approach of Yosemite is one of the biggest shifts in technology, ever.  As with most Apple products, the device or operating system does not try to dictate our personal workflow - it pairs up and works with me.
Why do I need to tell Windows I don't want to upgrade in the middle of every Powerpoint presentation?


Healthkit, iWatch, them or hate them, #Apple is about to crack the seal on the atrocious healthcare system.

How about I get to keep all my health records, secured in my iPhone?  And how about instead of going in for tests, or scans, my watch is monitoring all that 7x24, data ready to be shared when I want with whomever I want?

Yeah, that's coming.

GUESS Who's Coming to Dinner? IBM.

The very first rivalry in the personal technology realm was between IBM and Apple - it was more  of a feud, really.  If you wanted to add up numbers and create DBII applications(what?!!), you owned a PC.  A 'clone' if you couldn't afford an IBM Model 70.  On the other hand, if you considered yourself 'artsy' or academic, a MAC was your status symbol.

Back then, it seem the two would never meet.

It's different now.

The last two powerhouses standing are getting together; soon the accounting firms,  engineering companies and manufactures will all be sporting "iSomethings".  CRM's,  materials planners and project managers will be flicking charts all over the place, from iPAD to AppleTV, to the iMACs in accounting.

This is transactional communications transforming into BI - is a another vista, waiting out there for everyone.  But that is for another set of blogs.


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