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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

$HPQ: With All This 'Good' News, Is it Time To Sell IPG?

IPG no longer exists, yet "Printing" is report separately at $5.5B, in Q3. YTY growth has been dropping steadily all year, and operating income hangs in around 18%.

Meg mentioned "managed print services" more often than most of the other reports and referred to a change in the "go to market strategy".

$HPQ reports strong movement forward as a company, although the print business, especially supplies, is off.

Is it time to sell the print business?  Have any idea what the multiplier would be for IPG?

How about a suitor?  Canon?

Better yet, you know those people who show up at 5:30 in the morning for your garage sale - they arrive before you've finished your coffee - but they get the best stuff, don't they? In the IT world, who would that be?

Yeah, Lenovo.

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