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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Photizo Speaks: Voice Controlled Print? Oh, good grief...

I'm one of their biggest fans, rooting all the way
I just listened to Photizo's, "9 Predictions for 2015" webinar:

#1.  Photizo just came off their European event
#2.  Interesting
#3.  HP and Canon have been breaking up ever since HP cancelled all those orders in 2009
#4.  Agreed and not only ink.
#5.  What the WHAT?
#6.  Well, they've got clients with NDA's right?  Name, names!  I will - EPSON.
#7.  We've helped end-users design and implement self-managed MPS for a while now.  They use applications like PrinterLogic and Cirrato.  They don't want Printaudit, Printsolv or people who want to sell them more printers/copiers.
#8.  Return?
#9.  Nail has been struck on the head.  Yes.

The take-aways:

The BTA channel will take a hit, finding more consolidation or outright attrition as more and more end-users bypass the salesie, sales people and go direct to the subscription model.  The power is now in the hands of the client as they will are empowered to reduce the number of printers, copiers and toner cartridges they purchase while transitioning into a paperless world.

All without us.

Photizo is out on a limb, but when you think about it, they've always been. Is there anywhere else they should be?


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