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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Xerox Sells IT Outsourcing

During a Friday announcement, French IT company Atos SE revealed it is purchasing Xerox's IT outsourcing business in a deal reportedly valued at $1.05 billion in cash.

From an October 2009 statement regarding the ACS acquisition:
"...Xerox executives say the IT outsourcing portion of the ACS buy is integral to expanding the company's BPO offerings. "The lines between document outsourcing, BPO and ITO are blurring," says Paul Hartley, Xerox's vice president of corporate business strategy. "In fact, a robust IT infrastructure is paramount if it is to serve as the backbone of a BPO operation."
“Atos is a company with whom we’ve had a long relationship in several capacities. Selling the ITO business to Atos gives our clients around the globe an expanded, world-class suite of IT capabilities that complement Xerox’s industry leading BPO and document outsourcing solutions.” said Ursula Burns, Xerox’s chairman and CEO. “This transaction is another step in our ongoing portfolio management strategy and increases our focus on those areas where we can deliver the most value and expertise to our clients”.
What does this mean?

For the trenches, not much.  In a larger sense, Xerox is now able to focus on document based BPO and Document Outsourcing.  Xerox ITO services is was part of the ACS acquisition back in 2009:

The deal looks to be good for both Xerox and Atos; opening the US IT outsourcing market to Atos and allowing Xerox to collaborate with Atos and present Document BPO services to current clients.

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