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Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Heat Above - Greta Van Fleet and Office Technology

One word.  Wow.

Bob Seger, Kid Rock, Ted Nugent, the Romantics, and so many...the list includes Greta Van Fleet all from  Detroit, the Home of Rock n RollBABY! ( I know, I know, Greta is from Frankenmuth, just go with it)  The moniker is borrowed from a real lady.

Yeah, there is a bunch of Led, Rush, Queen, Prince, and REO(who uses an organ nowadays?) and even 60s hippie, blues shit in this - with this release, these guys blow through the "Led imitator" and come away unique, familiar and cutting edge.  

I've got a story about how an 11PM bourbon tour became a Greta Van Fleet play fest until 4AM.  I was slinging bourbon and pitching the Mp3s.  We played every single Greta song and were impressed. Until we lit up Black Dog.  We swore never to play Greta again.  We were wrong.

Anyway, is Greta Van Fleet a metaphor for today's Office Technology realm?

Oh hell yes.

Their music serves is parallel to our swirling niche.  

We've got old-school business models(Led Zeppelin), work-from-anywhere vibes(Queen), an AI invasion(Prince), and segments of interest ranging from fax(Geddy Lee) to cloud(REO) to G6 to EV charging stations.

It's all stuff we've worked with and heard in the past, coming, crashing, and colliding together in front of an audience feeling the familiar tugs as well as a whole new world of crazy stuff.  

For the first time ever in human history, our audience is built on five generations working together in the same workplace.  That means for some, AI is brand new.  For others, work from anywhere has a familiar feel. And still, for another segment, the experience is the first in a lifetime - it is a wild time to be around.

With all the fakery in the world today - Science isn't science, it is a consensus, truth be damned.  Businesses don't sell anymore, they project social awareness, profits be damned.  Companies don't hire the best and brightest, they hire the most diverse, productivity be damned. It's good to feel something real, dare I say more human and that's where this entire artificial intelligence, commercial real estate, work from anywhere, AI turbulence will end up - we will be more human.

  • The time has come for a resurgence in raunchy, guttural, in-your-face, Rock And Roll.
  • The time has come for a resurgence of hardware-based, expansive, and uncomfortable business models.
  • The time has come to recognize what is old is new and what is new is old.
  • The time has come to understand that whatever comes our way, we already know, what we need to know.  
  • There are no experts; everybody is an expert.
The way forward is not to fight the wave by trying to maintain yesterday's models, you will drown.  Now is the time for self-analysis and do what you do well without looking left of right.

You are not alone - everyone has to go about this from a point of view without being influenced by what others are doing.  Nobody is right, nobody is wrong.  Yesterday's KPIs do not apply.  Pre-2023 best practices are an albatross.

Look into EV charging stations, ignore pundits.
Look into AI for your sales staff, and get guidance, without rules.
Sell copiers to people who want them - it will go away soon enough, but for now, keep selling.

Today's chaos is tomorrow's lesson. The tide will swing back into human-to-human connection, be ready to make great music and rock the world.

"Marching across the land
Is a peaceful army joining the band
Walking hand in hand
To an anthem loudly sung where they stand

Can you hear that dreadful sound?
Fire still burning on the ground"

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Search Question: How does the evolution of rock music parallel changes in business models and technology?

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LinkedIn Post Intro: Just as rock music has gone through incredible evolutions, so too has the business world. From Led Zeppelin's old-school models to Prince's AI invasion, we're experiencing a revolutionary mix of the familiar and the new in our workplaces. But what does the future hold, and how can we stay in tune with these changes? Discover the parallels between the music industry and the evolving business landscape in our latest article.

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