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Saturday, May 6, 2023

This is The Way: AI and Art

Is Art in the eyes of the creator or beholder?  When an artist creates, does that artist worry about the process of creation?  Of course.  Does the beholder?  Maybe.

Here is the dirty little truth.  The Great Ones simply 'do', adhering to their process.  The listener, observer is experiencing a moment in time REGARDLESS of how that work of art became to be.

We're not thinking of the years Michelangelo spent on his back painting a ceiling - we are impacted, at that unique point in time, by the finished product.

The key question is, "Will AI elicit the same emotional response when creating art?"  

Right now, people are responding as though AI is a threat.  For the mediocre, AI is a threat. While somewhere in the world, artists and creators are gravitating toward AI and embracing it as a new tool; perhaps even a newly discovered color.

Unfortunately, and inevitably, actors will be replaced.  Copywriters will be replaced. Most practical effects folks will be displaced - it is the way of things.  

I point to Disney's "Mandalorian"; if you know, you know.

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