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Tuesday, May 9, 2023

IBM Announces WatsonX. What is WatsonX?

WatsonX to the Rescue: Transforming Businesses One AI Model at a Time

Greg's Words

For the Enterprise, Big Blue is solidifing its position in the Glass room with their huge application, WatsonX.  

This is not ChatGPT.  It is something the mass market will utilize without knowing. However, it is a IBM's second or third foray into the AI realm, having sold their Watson Health about 15 months ago and will impact all employees at your enterprise level customers ultimately working its way into the supply chain.

Keep an eye on this.  IBM, like most legacy corporations, moves slowly with issues and influences accelerating at the speed of AI. In addition to the technological impacts, large organizations will develop their own way through this stage of business evolution.  They have gravity and push or pull other companies along the transformational path.

Although you may only read about WatsonX, your world will flow around because of applications on this scale.

For enterprises, IBM is cementing its presence in the digital arena with the robust WatsonX application.

This isn't ChatGPT. It's a tool that the mass market will leverage, often unknowingly. IBM is no stranger to AI, having ventured into the realm before with Watson Health, which they sold around 15 months ago. WatsonX will have far-reaching implications, impacting employees across enterprise-level customers and eventually permeating the supply chain.

Keep a close watch on this development. IBM, like many legacy corporations, may move slowly, but the pace of AI-driven changes is swift. Large organizations will navigate this phase of business evolution in their unique ways, exerting their gravitational force on other companies along the transformation journey.

We've put together a summary of three different articles.


Key highlights:

  • IBM WatsonX leverages AI technology to boost productivity, increase revenue, and cut costs for businesses.
  • WatsonX offers a responsible AI approach, using narrower datasets and an AI governance toolkit.
  • IBM partners with Hugging Face and focuses on helping companies implement AI through a data model factory.

IBM WatsonX, the latest artificial intelligence (AI) offering from the tech giant, is poised to revolutionize the way businesses operate by boosting productivity, increasing revenue, and reducing costs. With rivals like Microsoft, OpenAI, and Google racing to lock down new consumer markets for generative AI, IBM has chosen a different path. The company is focusing on helping other businesses implement AI through a "data model factory," offering clients products tuned for their specific domains, such as language, code, chemistry, and geospatial data[1].

WatsonX is built in partnership with AI startup Hugging Face and incorporates open-source models[1]. It uses narrower, carefully curated datasets and offers a "toolkit for governance," distinguishing it from other AI solutions that may not be as accurate or responsible[1]. During a WatsonX preview, Dario Gil, IBM's head of research, criticized systems like ChatGPT for being "not ready for prime time," citing issues with "random and made-up facts"[1]. IBM's commitment to a responsible AI approach has not gone unnoticed, with its focus on accuracy appealing to many clients[1].

About 15 months ago, IBM sold its struggling Watson Health unit to private equity firm Francisco Partners[2]. Now, the company has pivoted to WatsonX, an all-in-one AI-building tool designed to help companies introduce AI into their business models[2]. WatsonX enables enterprises to "train, tune, and deploy" machine-learning models, with a library of large-scale AI models trained on language, geospatial data, IT events, and code[2].

To make its AI solutions accessible to a wider range of businesses, IBM is partnering with Hugging Face, an AI startup valued at $2 billion in 2022[2]. WatsonX AI provides a foundation model library, allowing enterprises to choose from pre-trained models that can be fine-tuned for their application development needs[3]. This includes the Watson Code Assistant, a generative AI coding tool that will be integrated with IBM's Red Hat Ansible products to help developers automate their workflows[3].

The WatsonX platform also features data and governance services that empower organizations to use their own data while maintaining strong governance for access and privacy[3]. IBM executives, including CEO Arvind Krishna, believe that their AI-driven solutions will integrate most easily into areas like customer care, procurement, cybersecurity, and supply chain and IT operations[2]. They expect WatsonX to replace "more repetitive, back-office processes" and be able to handle 30-50% of tasks with equal or greater proficiency than humans[2].

IBM's focus on responsible AI implementation sets it apart from competitors like OpenAI, which has faced criticism for pushing GPT out to the world despite the public embracing it[1]. OpenAI, like many other AI providers, also claims the mantle of responsibility, pointing to its pre-deployment risk analysis and efforts to reduce potential harms[1]. Meanwhile, Google has faced scrutiny for being too cautious in withholding AI research, followed by a hasty about-face to ship generative AI products[1].

IBM's WatsonX is a testament to the company's dedication to revolutionizing businesses through AI-driven solutions. By leveraging AI technology responsibly, WatsonX aims to transform industries and improve overall productivity and efficiency. The platform's unique features, including its partnership with Hugging Face, the Watson Code Assistant, and the governance toolkit, make it a powerful tool for organizations looking to integrate AI into their operations[1,2,3].

As IBM CEO Arvind Krishna points out, there is both excitement and caution surrounding AI, especially for companies in regulated industries and those concerned with accuracy and scaling[3]. WatsonX addresses these concerns by offering a more responsible approach to AI, allowing businesses to harness the benefits of AI technology without compromising on accuracy, ethics, or governance[1,3].

IBM WatsonX is set to play a significant role in helping businesses across various domains increase productivity, revenue, and cost savings by integrating AI into their operations. With its responsible approach to AI and unique features, WatsonX stands out as a powerful, transformative tool for the future of Enterprise business.

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