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Wednesday, April 5, 2023

Printing in the Age of AI: How Managed Print Services are Being Transformed

Don't be a printer fool, embrace the AI revolution

It shouldn't be any surprise, that remote working has impacted managed print services - although anecdotal reports say volumes have approached pre-fear-of-Covid levels, how the evolution of the office transpires will impact your MPS contract volume.

The supply chain is almost back to normal, and by some estimates, 60% of businesses are returning to the office.  Again, some data suggest different numbers.  

As the 'office' goes, so does the number of devices and print/copiers produced go - this was evident before 2020.

But now Artificial Intelligence is on the scene - eliminating job functions and if you look closely, when AI is asked to solve a business problem in workflow, the answer does not include the statement, "First print a hardcopy of my recommendations and make 500 copies."  

AI maximizes processes and as you know, the slowest function in any process is the function that involves hard copy output(print/copy) or input(fax/scan).  AI eliminates slow processes and print is the slowest, least efficient.

So what?

Well, we put together a quick reseach project and engaged the great AI in the sky to help illustrate the current environment of MPS and possible influences and outcomes.


Monday, June 27, 2011

The Greg_Walters, DOTC, Top 27 Posts of 2011 - 2012

From 201-

Christmas in June.

Whenever writers find themselves getting a little behind, unable to get the flow of creativity, they rehash old subject matter and content.

  1. Managed Print Services Engagements vs. Copier Service Agreements - Tell me Again, why we don't comp copier Reps on Service contracts?
  2. Managed Print Services Another DOTC Leopard - ReDux - Jennifer Shutwell. How to Steal MPS Clients
  3. Managed print Services Tunnel Vision - Are You Focusing On One Thing
  4. Managed Print Services - Practice What You Preach
  5. Managed Print Services, the Copier and the Traditional Copier Dealer : End of Days
  6. CIO's: What to Look for In A Managed Print Services Company. The Perfect 10.
  7. Achieve Managed Print Services Immortality "...Simply By Doing One...Great...Thing..." - Keep Walking
  8. Repeat After Me: "Managed Print Services is Business Process Management, MPS is BPM, MPS is BPM"" - FireWork
  9. "If You Don't Stand for Something, You'll Fall for Anything..."
  10. Managed Print Services Practices Managers: Are You Selling MPS Internally ? - Over and Over again.
  11. CNET Needs Managed Print Services - So Says Molly Wood
  12. Skylar, Dr. Dre, Em, and Ri - On and Off Stage, an Orchestra, Lights, Video - Lot's of Moving Parts. Just Like Managed Print Services
  13. Managed Services: Let's Have a Cold Call Blitz!!
  14. You're Not In Managed Print Services If -
  15. The Separation Begins: Managed Print Services True Believers Leaving the Pack
  16. Who is Everything Channel and Why Are They Important to You?
  17. The Future of Managed Print Services: Look Back to IBM and See Your Future
  18. HP to Purchase Xerox. Joins CISCO, IBM & MicroSoft in move offshore. Upside Down World.
  19. History - Study It, or be Doomed to Repeat It...
  20. Managed Print Services, Stage IV: What the Hell is Managed Network Services(MNS)? You're Kidding, right?
  21. Ricoh Announces Purchase of White Castle - Strengthen Channel with "Bags of Sliders"
  22. I use to think Managed Print Services would be a sub-set of MSP, but maybe it will end up the other way around.
  23. Samsung Snags World's Largest ElectroWetting Company. What about the Silver Nanoparticles?
  24. Managed Print Services Stuck in Stage 1&2 - And I Know Why...
  25. "The Things We Think And Do Not Say. The Future of Our Business...", Managed Optimization Services
  26. Does Your MpS World Reside in Toner & Service? Your Scale is small, Depth Shallow, and Vision Stunted. Buh Bye.
  27. Another DOTC Leopard: 2011 MPSA MPS Leadership Award Winner, Kevin DeYoung, QualPath

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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Managed Print Services: Six "Need to Know's" from Photizo Group

This is a cut and paste, of an article from the Photizo blog - great stuff.

All points are relevant, especially for all of the "newbs" in the niche.

One point - not only are these arguments based on studies, I have seen evidence of all six, in the field.

Good read.

Six Things You Should Know About Managed Print Services

1. On average, companies save $1M (30% of total hardcopy cost), reduce hardcopy (printer, copier, and MFP) carbon emissions by 60%, and free up 10% of their IT staff who were previously devoted to supporting printers by implementing a Managed Print Services strategy.

Firms of all sizes are seeing significant benefits from implementing an MPS strategy. By outsourcing the entire ‘document production’ process including the hardcopy devices, document workflow strategy, and support services, customers are able to achieve a significant reduction in cost while achieving significant environmental benefits.

Source: The Photizo Group’s analysis of 105 Managed Print Service engagements using pre-and post-MPS engagement data. Justifying MPS Webinar – February 2009

2. Managed Print Services is more than just Cost Per Copy or providing an assessment to right size the fleet. Managed Print Services (MPS) entails the outsourcing of the fleet and document strategy to ensure the customer’s business process optimization goals are met.

In order to do this, an MPS provider must act as a professional services firm which offers multiple services in order to meet the customers requirements. In fact, over 70% of all MPS engagements include all of the following components:

• Vendor returns service call in 2 hours
• Next day service response time
• Understanding color print/copy requirements
• Same day service (4-hr response)
• Device installation
• Help desk services
• Assessment provided for the initial MPS agreement
• End user training
• Parts depot close to user sites
• 24x7 customer service line
• Recommendations on device deployment
• Remote or on-site monitoring of devices

Source: The Photizo Group’s on-going study of Managed Print Service engagements in North America and Western Europe. The firm collects data from over 700 MPS decision makers each year.

3. Managed Print Services is the fastest growing segment of the imaging industry. In fact, the MPS market is growing at a compound annual growth rate of over 25% a year. In fact, the market will reach over $45B annually by 2013. By 2013 Managed Print Services will represent over 35% of the total imaging market and over 35% of all business print devices will be under a Managed Print Services contract.

Source: The Photizo Group’s 2009 MPS Market Size, Share, and Forecast Report.

4. There are three stages which customers go through in the adoption of Managed Print Services.

The first stage is to gain control of the fleet. 29% of all MPS engagements are at this stage. 47% of all MPS engagements are at the second stage, the stage of optimizing the fleet to ensure devices are deployed in the most efficient and effective manner. 23% of all MPS engagements are at the third stage of MPS, enhancing the business process. The third stage is about enhancing business processes by engaging document workflow and document management solutions.

Source: The Photizo Group’s on-going study of Managed Print Service engagements in North America and Western Europe. The firm collects data from over 700 MPS decision makers each year.

5. IT is typically the department responsible for managing the Managed Print Services engagement. In fact, 60% of the time, the IT department manages the MPS engagement.

Source: The Photizo Group’s on-going study of Managed Print Service engagements in North America and Western Europe. The firm collects data from over 700 MPS decision makers each year.

6. Hybrid dealers will dominate the Managed Print Services market. Hybrid dealers are those resellers (both dealers and IT VARs) who have transitioned from a hardware centric business model to a professional services business model based on delivering Managed Print Services. Hybrid dealers and ‘committed’ dealers (dealers who are committed to making this business model transition) make up less than 25% of all resellers and dealers. Fence sitting and ‘testing’ resellers (traditional hardware centric resellers) make up over 75% of all resellers.

The Photizo Group predicts that half of these traditional resellers will be out of business within the next five years as they fail to make the transition to the new business model.

Source: The Photizo Group’s Hybrid Dealer Report (Published January 2009)

The Photizo Group believes that Managed Print Services represents a disruptive business model which will affect all aspects of the value chain, including manufacturers, distribution channels, and other service providers.

Firms that make the transition to a professional services led business model will achieve a significant competitive advantage over firm’s which retain the traditional hardware centric business model. Understanding the evolution of this new business model is critical to all participants in the industry, including end users.

Excerpts from this article may be used as long as the Photizo Group is credited as the source.

The Photizo Group is the leading research and consulting firm in Managed Print Services, and the only research and consulting firm, which derives a majority of its revenue from the Managed Print Services market. The firm provides research, consulting, and market insights to customers, resellers, and manufacturers.

Phone: (859) 873-4518


Thursday, May 25, 2023

Harnessing AI: A Game-Changer for Managed Print Services

Where AI meets ink – redefining the print management landscape.

Key Highlights:
  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) holds the potential to revolutionize print management and Managed Print Services (MPS), adding efficiency, security, and advanced features.
  2. AI can enhance print security by providing forensic accounting and intrusion prevention, bolstering the overall cybersecurity profile of the MPS landscape.
  3. Intelligent document processing (IDP), a new AI-powered technology, promises to streamline the handling of unstructured data, improving workflow accuracy and efficiency.
Greg's Words

No matter what the innovation, we are always left with a final statement and question:  "This is great technology and really interesting ideas - but, how can I generate revenue, today, with this?"  

With Artificial Intelligence, most of the financial impact is on the cost reduction, and increased productivity side of the equation.  Sure, we can reduce the cost of doing work with AI.  We can interface with prospects and customers with AI ChatBots, with no problem.  The cost benefits are obvious.  But putting together a product based on AI, for my existing Office Technology clients, is a major challenge.

AI is considered a process-enhancing solution.
It's like the inventors of refrigeration - they didn't get rich, but the companies that used refrigeration, like Coke, did.

We need to find that "Coke".

Meanwhile, folks in our niche are beginning to see, and talk about how AI will 'impact' managed print services, and to be frank, it is not new. it's just faster.

I have no doubt that we will see AI 'products' on the market within the next few months, before the end of the year.

We've put together a quick synopsis of the current outlook for MpS as the waves of AI wash onto our shores.


Saturday, June 12, 2010

Managed Print Services Association LinkedIn Group Passes 3,000 Members in Less than Eighteen Months

Social networking site plays role in launch of association.

Mount Laurel, NJ – June 9, 2010 – The Managed Print Services Association (MPSA) announced that the MPSA LinkedIn social networking group has passed the 3,000 member mark, reflecting the phenomenal growth of the Managed Print Services (MPS) industry. The site rocketed to 1,000 members shortly after its launch in January 2009, and has experienced steady growth every since. This parallels the growth of the MPS model, and demonstrates the ongoing need for dynamic contact and communication within the MPS community.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

MPSA Task Force Brings Meaning to Managed Print Services

"Managed print services is the active management and optimization of document output devices and related business processes." - MPSA, 2010 DOTC 
Reflection - This was a very difficult task. One which Joe and Matt struggle with for months. A task that created a lot of dynamics within the MPSA Board. Joe and Matt came through and the board unanimously(yes, including me) approved. 

I like that the definition can be applied to both MPS provider and a self-implemented MPS engagement, like Nationwide Insurance. It's a good base, a solid foundation to build upon. And something easily Incorporated into multiple MPS talk-tracks for your prospects and clients. 

Good Form! 

PRESS RELEASE: New MPS definition helps end-users and providers standardize services, expectations 

Mount Laurel, NJ – July 8, 2010 – As the managed print services juggernaut rolls on to its projected $60 billion market size by 2013, one thing has been missing – a definition of this amazing segment. Just what exactly do we mean by “managed print services”? 

Background: The Emergence of Managed Print Services Over the past 10 years, the traditional copier and printer industries have converged, especially with the introduction of multifunction peripherals (MFPs). With the blending of these two hardware-focused industry segments, their products became commoditized. 

At the same time, users need more help managing their output devices, so a managed services approach to output emerged. Managed print services (MPS) grew as a business model revolving around servicing end-users’ output needs, not focused on a specific hardware manufacturer. The true MPS provider is a new breed: vendor agnostic and customer-focused. 

Ultimately they are paid for their consulting value, in addition to the tangible products that fulfill the consultation. Defining a New Business Model Until now, MPS has gone undefined, but thanks to the efforts of the Managed Print Services Association (MPSA), the market (worth over $25 billion globally) has a focus. 

According to the MPSA, "Managed print services is the active management and optimization of document output devices and related business processes."

Monday, September 21, 2015

The Next Managed print Services Event

“Wrath”- One of my favorites

Another stage, power point, round table, expert panel and cast of hundreds looking to commune and see the “new MPS” …again. I've witnessed multiple iterations and others broken promises since 2007. I’ve attended many such gatherings and presentations: Lyra, Photizo, ITEX, ReCharger, MWAi Executive Summit. I’ve spoken with thousands of customers, hundreds of resellers all the OEMs and countless dealers about MpS, copiers, printers, toner, managed services and the like.

Now, a new effort is in town. The "Top 100 Summit" focusing on the future of managed print services; "MPS is Changing" is the tag-line.

In the beginning, managed print services was mocked for being nothing more than facilities management or copier-service on laser printers. Something the more “forward" thinking copier providers and OEMs had ‘been doing for decades’ - not really.

But even back then, in the frenzied years of possibilities, there were those who saw managed print services literally; a service that managed print. Some of us understood ‘print’ to be any media - from 8.5x11 to voice mail. Further, we recognized this managed service as a path to higher thought, more relevancy and a foundation for a sustainable business model not increased shelf space, capturing clicks, or trapping clients in 60 month contracts.

We knew the future of print had less to do with copiers, printers, ink or toner hitting paper. We eagerly embraced the talk tracks and value props around ‘more efficiency in the office’, reduction in costs and optimizing the print environment - and we meant it.

We attended new and interesting shows. In April of 2009, Photizo ushered in this bold new concept and talked about managed print services well before ANY other pundit, consultant, training house, OEM, toner remanufacturer or copier dealer - yes there were a few true managed print services providers but most of the traditional imaging industry either explained away the movement as ‘just another gimmick’ or claimed to have been in managed print services for “25 years”.

We believers "...gave the Future to the winds and slumbered tranquilly in the Present, weaving the dull world around us into dreams.” Designing a future of connected devices, less print and optimized business environments. Yet, like most promises, our dreams were burned away by the reality of equipment quotas and dogma; more specifically, in toner and ink.

Spin the dial six years into the future and it seems who can spell “MPS” can sell “MPS”. Bags of ink are the new MpS. Analytics are the new MpS. Copier service is the new MpS. Despite consistently declining equipment placements, shuttered paper plants and industry lay-offs, increasing print volumes are the new MpS. It is an upside-down world.

 The Universe according to Greg:

  • Print Analytics - Who Cares? We do, but do our clients?
  • Ink vs. Toner - Who Cares? We do, but do our clients?
  • Print is not dying - Ignorance is bliss.
  • Managed (IT/Network) services is the future - Oh, really? Even the IT guys understand MS is short term - look up Software Defined Workspace.
  • Print volumes have been going up - rearranging the deck chairs, nobody is creating new "clicks".
So what about all this?

Is it still the doom and gloom era? Not really. But no matter how many round tables, expert panels, sales classes, consulting services, or business transformations our industry attends or participates, we’re all simply talking to ourselves; alone in the dark. Until we stop looking at our prospects as ‘targets’ to be ‘trapped in an agreement’ or design ‘sticky’ marketing schemes and start ‘solving’ instead of ‘selling’ those who do survive, will wander the the abyss; shadows of the once might ‘copier industry’.

Which brings me to the Top 100 Summit. Will we usher in a new era? Will the sins of our past support positive change or drag us into the depths of irrelevance?

Big questions and unseen answers.

I suspect we’ll have a great time. I see us sharing new ideas and expressions of hope. Ultimately, what really matters, is how everyone feels 72 hours after the show; sinful and atoned or raptured ignorance.

Get more, here.

Monday, March 9, 2015

If I Had a Heart: Drop the "Print" from Managed print services. The World According to Greg

March 2015 

Heartbreak and glory - the times are changing universally. One turn in my personal metamorphosis is stepping down as President of the Managed Print Services Association.

My involvement with the MPSA started at the very beginning, back when a room full of folks voted to form the association at  Photizo 1.  I am honored to have served and proud of all the accomplishments we've achieved - it has been a great time.

Congratulations to the new Managed Print Services Associations executive board:
President: Kevin DeYoung, Qualpath - owner, managed print services visionary, leader
Vice President: Doug Bies, Canon USA - new, passionate, cutting edge philosophy
Secretary: Sarah Henderson, West Point Products/Clover Technologies - stalwart, foundational, dedicated
Treasurer: Lou Stricklin, Muratec America - solid, fresh, tactician
Today, as I exit the Oval Office,  relegated to a Board of Director, I am free from the yoke of compliance, broken are the shackles of other's stunted and spun opinion, open to express my opinions based on observed behavior, not Survey Monkey or the corporate drawer statement.

I am unencumbered by concerns about how a potential sponsor or customer might feel. 

Free to ignore conversations geared around the ROI of donating $10,000.00 for a corporate membership.  

We were not lying when we said your ROI is measured by your contribution to the industry, not shelf space, or tossing our membership into your sales funnel.

The shackles of self-censorship have fallen away...


My managed print services observations or better yet:

The World According to Greg

Managed print services is Dead and the OEMs killed it -

That's what I said.  

It was called 'managed print services' not 'managing printers & service'.  Leveraging the 'services' model to increase MIF is disingenuous and prospects see right through the scam.

Customers do not care -

Speaking of customers, they don't give a rip about the toner remanufacturing process.  They don't care about the seven steps of xerography, and their eyes gloss when you speak of ink vs. toner; color vs. B/W, or mobile print.  Stop doing that.

Find something else to talk about - say business-oriented, like employee morale, the impact of BYOD, and managing print servers.

My advice to the incoming MPSA Executive Board - 
  1. Change the definition of managed print services and the direction of the MPSA.  Move away from toner, printer, and hardware - to a "Managed Services Association".  Expand the horizons, and blow the minds of millions.
  2. Do not fall victim to the procedure, meeting paralysis, Roberts Rules of Order planning on how to do something without ever doing anything.
  3. Once a member proclaims, "...that's not the way I operate..." they've volunteered.  The association, like our industry, is at a crossroads.  Like times in the past, both glory and ruination await.
Ideas are bulletproof -

Not only is the world on a path to less paper, but the new world will be populated with self-healing devices - no need for as many service technicians.

Managing services for your clients is the future.  This core idea is unflappable in a turbulent sea of rhetoric, incorrect research, and marketing talk.

The world of MPS, like life,  holds promise and doom - fortune, glory, and tragedy.  False promises? Yes.  Self-interest? Of course.

When haven't we experienced both?

To make a move, a real move, we've got to take that leap of faith...again and again, and again.  Heartbreak, then Glory.  Glory, then heartbreak.

Always.  All ways.

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Wednesday, March 22, 2023

22 Suggestions To Save Your #ManagedPrintServices Practice 2017 - REMASTERED

Original content, here, from DOTC, 2017.

I took my original story, back in 2017, and had it 'remastered' by AI.  

What do you think?  I like them all, even the dated suggestions number five is significant - and the song choice is subtle and nuanced.

"Integrate MPS into Managed IT services: MPS infrastructure should be integrated into Managed IT services to create a more comprehensive approach to technology management."


MPS Haiku:

Innovate to thrive,
MPS providers must adapt,
Stay ahead to succeed.

Sunday, January 8, 2023

I Conducted a #ManagedPrintServices Assessment and Analysis - Then Gave it to ChatGTP

ChatGTP is a linguistics program that interrupts and responds to questions.  It's getting lots of attention on social networks.  The program either excites or intimidates, depending on perspective.

I loathe automatic proposal generators.  But this thing is incredible.

First, I asked the Super Smart Thing in the Sky:

What are the components and process of a successfully managed print services program the costs involved with implementing a program for a 400-bed hospital network?

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Meritus Ventures Announces Investment in Photizo Group

LONDON, Ky., Jul 27, 2010 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Meritus Ventures announces investment in Photizo Group, Inc. (Photizo) of Versailles, Kentucky. Photizo, founded in 2004, is a consulting and research firm that provides market information and services to vendors, dealers, and end user communities in the managed print services market.

Managed print services (MPS) is at the intersection of business services and technology, focusing on providing a total printing solution that enables organizations and companies to better manage their print environment through the outsourcing of hardcopy devices, software, supplies, and services. Each year, hundreds of players in the managed print services market attend Photizo's international conferences and purchase Photizo's cutting edge market research and intelligence reports.

Examples of industry players include Hewlett-Packard, Xerox, Cannon, and Ricoh.

Meritus Ventures was the sole investor in the transaction, and Ray Moncrief of Meritus has taken a position on Photizo's board of directors. Photizo has demonstrated an annual revenue growth rate greater than 50% since 2006 and doubled revenue from 2008 to 2009. In addition, the company had positive earnings in 2009 and is on track for increased revenue growth and profitability in 2010.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

InfoTrends Announces Professional and Managed Print Services Consulting Service

Managed Print Services has a new Consulting Service - From InfoTrends, no less.

"...While the MPS opportunity is certainly a strong one, it is multi-faceted and ill-defined. Numerous aspects of the office equipment and IT channels must be considered; the unique importance of hardware, software, services, and supplies must be recognized; and new skill sets and software will be required for executing on providers’ MPS visions..."
- Jon Reardon, Group Director InfoTrends’ Office Document Technology services


(Weymouth, MA) March 27, 2009 . . . Despite the economic downturn, there is significant potential for growth and profitability in the managed print services (MPS) market. While the economic climate presents challenges for vendors as well as document technology customers, MPS offer relief to both sides. MPS present increased revenues and margins for vendors and lower costs for customers.

In addition, the stages of MPS engagements define a clear path for hardware vendors to realize valuable services and solutions revenue while addressing customer requirements for security and compliance, environmental sustainability, and electronic document workflow improvements. As a result, leading OEMs, channel participants, software vendors, and others are energizing their MPS program development and deployment efforts in 2009.

Jon Reardon, Group Director InfoTrends’ Office Document Technology services, commented,

“While the MPS opportunity is certainly a strong one, it is multi-faceted and ill-defined. Numerous aspects of the office equipment and IT channels must be considered; the unique importance of hardware, software, services, and supplies must be recognized; and new skill sets and software will be required for executing on providers’ MPS visions. Ultimately, only vendors that can understand these facets and map them to internal strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats will realize the true potential of their programs.”

InfoTrends has launched the Professional & Managed Print Services (PMPS) Consulting Service to help professionals in this market overcome challenges and take full advantage of this opportunity. This service will provide the ongoing market advice and analysis necessary to make effective short- and long-term strategy decisions. It will:

* Segment and profile the customers for managed print services
* Segment and profile vendors solutions
* Examine market size and structure
* Identify key industry players and understand their strategies
* Forecast the market managed print services by key product categories and customer segments
* Identify opportunities and strategies for technology vendors and service providers

The service features a continuous flow of information provided through forecasts, end-user studies, and other research reports and analysis, and clients benefit from ongoing, direct access to our staff of experts. For more information on this dynamic new service, please contact Scott Phinney at 781 616 2100 ext 123 or

InfoTrends, a Questex company, is the leading worldwide market research and strategic consulting firm for the digital imaging and document solutions industry. We provide research, analysis, forecasts, and advice to help clients understand market trends, identify opportunities, and develop strategies to grow their businesses. Additional information about InfoTrends is available on the Web at

D.O.T.C. impressions - The legitimacy of MPS is no longer in question. The definition of MPS is still dynamic - and for some mystifying. Where there is Mystery there is Margin.

InfoTrends recognizes the potential and is getting in - welcome to the games.

Want to know more? Check these out:

Managed Prints Services - That "Hot, New, Thing..." - Feb, 2008

Managed Print Services - Today's Lightning In a Bottle - Feb, 2009

InfoTrends - It's All About the Solution- Nov, 2008

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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Okidata - VARs/BTA/PSA/RMM - and Agiliant

I just read the press release from Okidata announcing a relationship between Oki and Agiliant.

You'll remember Agiliant is a newcomer to the MpS space(sorta, they pretty much invented MpS back in the day before flipping out to Pitney) - Agiliant is looking to provide third-party IT services to MpS providers, rounding out any managed services portfolio.

Not a bad model.

Okidata adds yet another dimension to their VAR strategy.  Again, you'll remember back in the summer of 2011, Oki announced a re-vamping of their Total Managed Print portal that included interfaces to many of the popular PSA's.(Connectwise, Level Platforms...)

The VARs are coming, and their infrastructure partners are leading the way.  All this is fine and grand.  But software does not an MpS Practice make.

How are these new VARs going to SELL this new service?  Just like helpdesk and the NOC?

It ain't that difficult, so we should see thousands of VARs embrace and prosper in this new realm, shouldn't we?

It's our ecosystem all over again - let's call it the MpS ExoSystem.

Press Release:

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Webinar - MPS Confidential: How to Buy Managed Print Services

Webinar: MPS Confidential Series


If you are a business with 50 users or more, you should be looking at utilizing Managed Print Services.

The hard cost savings can be significant - some of my clients experienced between 20% and 45% cost reduction in the first 30 days.

Yet, sometimes, initiating an MpS program DID NOT MAKE SENSE, so we didn't move forward.

How should you evaluate a Managed Print Services provider?
What, exactly is Managed Print Services?
What are some sound expectations?
What should YOU do to get the most out of an MpS engagement?
Is the Cheapest the Best?

I've reviewed every single MpS program on the planet - well maybe not every single program.

I've sold copiers, printers, technology, networks, accounting systems and I created a successful MpS practice built on a client-centric focus.

Managed Print Services looks easy from the outside, but there are areas for improvement that are often overlooked.

Join me for a frank, open discussion outlining ideas and suggestions to help you get the most out of managed print services.

This is not a 'how-to negotiate for the cheapest price' session.

We won't endorse one program over another, although if asked, I do have opinions.

The session is intended for decision-makers, folks who will "sign on the line which is dotted" to engage in a Managed Print Services agreement.

This is NOT intended for MpS providers, copier dealers, printer manufacturers, office supplies, toner companies, or anybody providing these services.

This is for end users - financial, healthcare, manufacturing, business services, construction, hospitality, food service, etc. -

It's less than 200 bucks - money well spent.

Join Us.

Click here to register:

Eventbrite - MPS Confidential: How to Buy Managed Print Services

Good information here.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Level Platforms Delivers Converged Managed Print/Managed IT Services

Below is the press release from Level Platforms, talking about managing imaging assets.  At first glance, not all that mind-blowing.

Until you research Level Platforms.

"Agentless Remote", "power management", and "Cloud management".

I had the honor of speaking with Peter Sandiford, CEO Level Platforms, last week.  We had a very interesting conversation about IT guys getting into MpS.  A good conversation.  Yes, the MSPs are seeing potential in the MpS arena, and yes, this software will work great for both IT VARs and BTA types.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Managed Print Services vs. Managed Services Providers

A Day at #CompTIA: 8/2014

It was billed as the "great debate."

On one side, "Managed Service Providers(MSP's) Should Get into Managed Print Services", on the other, "MSPs Shouldn't Bother." I didn’t get the hype - maybe because I’ve done it from the front and behind - saved an MpS practice inside a VAR/MSP and created an MSP within a copier dealer.

Still, I was intrigued...

From the imaging side, I believe if you can create and run a profitable MpS practice, you can handle an MSP.
I thought to myself, "Maybe there was something to this…perhaps the MSPs in the room DO want to learn more about MpS and are thinking about getting into the realm." I started to pay attention.
From the IT side, I’ve felt adding printers to a screen in your NOC is no big deal; I’ve done it, and you can too. Indeed, in the beginning, I wrote about how we on this side should beware of the possible invasion of our little niche by all those independent VARs.

It didn’t happen that way, did it?

Why So Crowded?

Based on the number of people in the room, it was apparent others were interested in this subject. For a managed print services meeting at a computer convention, there were more people than I had anticipated. I thought to myself, "Maybe there was something to this. Perhaps MSPs want to learn more about MpS and are thinking about getting into the realm."


"...a Konica technician asked my customer how they were handling IT..." with a waive of his hand he dismissed a meager attempt to take HIS customer. 
The debate attracted a cadre of MSPs more to support their MSP leader, less to explore the possibilities. Like every VAR/IT/MSP/ITOEM I’ve ever talked with about managed print services, their mind was made up. Anything to do with printing "is below them” and getting into MPS would be “a step backward”.

Yes, those are quotes, and here are some other talk tracks uttered by the MSP dude:
"Not going to add to my already full plate of vendors…"
"The market is not that big…"
"My customers are reducing print, why would I get into a diminishing market…"
"I don't like printers. Should I be selling huge systems or filling a 'toner quota' - thanks HP…"
Have you ever been to an event or party and at some point, realize you're not in the right place?  Sure, you've received an invitation, but you feel completely outside the discourse.  Not because the conversation is over your head, but more due to a crystallized moment in time when you can clearly see everyone else off on their own voyage - apart from you.

Well, that's the flavor of epiphany I experienced - that and a bit of deja vu.

These IT guys just do not like printers and think copier folks can't compete with their real computer expertise.  One MSP mentioned how "...a Konica technician asked my customer how they were handling IT..." with a wave of his hand he dismissed a meager attempt to take HIS customer.

"How droFor IT Providers: Managed Print Services Could be the 24th Chromosomele..."

They do not respect printers and the people who derive a living from this industry.  If you think about it deeply, you know what I say is true.  Seasoned MPS reps are numb to IT people talking down to us but it is there...always has been.

I am done trying to evangelize to the IT community about managed print services for three, basic reasons:

1. They are too prideful (snobs)
2. Print is declining
3. The IT/VAR/MSP niche will decline FASTER than office print
Call Great America, today or buy out one of the smaller MSPs in your neighborhood.Today. Now. Stop fooling around. This is one of those cases that supports the, "go out and sell it now, we'll figure the rest out tomorrow."
Pride goeth before...

Sure, there will be a few VARs/IT/MSP organizations who dabble in MPS if HP takes the deal and the paper, but for the most part, they are not going to deploy an ‘engineer’ into the field to clear a jam. This is a cost and emotional issue.

Going, going...

Dave Ramos, a colleague, and friend presented interesting findings about print decline, sighting one of our favorite slides from International Paper and linking the latest paper plant closing in Alabama. A4 paper is in such decline IP had to close a plant whose primary output was 8x11 - this one location supplied 8% of the office-sized paper.

They've Got Their Own Kettle of Fish...

Here's the big reason - the IT world is going through a much bigger transformation than we are. The 'cloud' represents a move away from hardware - Zero Client and IAAS both support the realization that organizations DO NOT NEED HARDWARE-CENTRIC VALUE ADD. Today's IT providers are blind to this and in no position to adapt. The biggest shift is going to be elimination and evacuation. For example, they're talking about 'moving to a service-based' business model with 'recurring revenue streams' as though they've just heard of it.

Don't expect to see copier techs badged up by your local MSP anytime soon. They're not coming to the MPS party.  Just like retail computer stores dissolved overnight, so too, will your trusty down-the-street VAR/MSP.

Bottom Line...

What about you, the copier dealer, the toner supplier, and the printer organization? Think of it this way, managed print services manages the decline in print, managed services helps customers manage down their dependence on local servers, software, hardware, and the people(local) who provide value-add.

Now is the time to get into managed services - the low barrier of entry and distracted fragmented competitors. Don't overstudy. Forget about heavy evaluation.

Call Great America, today or buy out one of the smaller MSPs in your neighborhood.

Today. Now. Stop fooling around. This is one of those cases that supports the, "go out and sell it now, we'll figure the rest out tomorrow."

One more thing...

Forget about getting all your reps trained on "IT Services", like it's different from managed print services - well, I should say, the offering is different, but the approach is similar.  There are too many managed services sales experts who have never sold, proposed, or closed a complex, all-inclusive engagement.

The outsiders from the IT realm coming into the copier world don't get us, they've hired the wrong 'advisors' to help them grow their share of our wallet and some are increasing their value for the next round of VC or prospective buyer.

Go out there and learn it the best way - in front of prospects.

Your reps don't need some other guy's super secret sauce and you shouldn't measure yourself against somebody else's benchmarks

Get out there and solve.

If you need help, reach out to me.


It's funny, no?

Monday, December 6, 2010

Strategic Realignment of Managed Print Services Association,

Focuses Supporters on New Challenges Facing Dynamic Marketplace

Leadership and volunteers recalibrate assignments to evolve with fast-growing association

December 6, 2010 -- Key volunteers and leaders within the Managed Print Services Association executive committee and board of directors have realigned their roles to focus their experience on other areas of the MPSA. This will help keep fresh ideas and new perspectives flowing across all aspects of the association.

“In an effort to improve our effectiveness and support the ideas of our volunteer leadership team, the MPSA Board has approved these changes,” noted Joe Barganier, who was elected Interim President of the MPSA. “This coordinated transition ensures members can benefit from the diversity of experience we have to offer at the leadership level. We are all very excited about taking on our new challenges.”

Monday, March 14, 2011

Your Managed Print Services Association - Looking for Standouts

Nominations Now Open for 2011 Managed Print Services Leadership Awards

Third annual award program takes place at MPS Global Conference in Orlando

Columbus, OH – March 14, 2011 – The Managed Print Services Association (MPSA) is accepting nominations for the third annual MPS Leadership Awards. These awards recognize organizations demonstrating leadership in implementing, providing or supporting MPS projects.

“The road to success in MPS takes hard work, and organizations that demonstrate leadership and innovation deserve to be recognized. Our winners exemplify the initiative, excellence and diligence found throughout the managed print services industry. The awards catapult deserving firms into the winners’ circle of this emerging and critically important MPS world, and bring them valuable visibility and credibility,” said MPSA President, Joe Barganier.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

First Annual Managed Print Services Conference - April 26th through 28th, 2009

Managed Print Services: Hitting Mainstream

Ok, here's the deal.

Managed Print Services is just about the hottest issue out there - with prospects and industry insiders.

And right now, MPS is still the frontier of cost reduction for both clients and providers - everything is being created today, in the here and now, without a "template".

Clients are not sure how MPS works. Providers are struggling with the concept, the services, how to best articulate the benefits and how to manage a Print Management Services program.

With this in mind, the first annual conference dedicated to Managed Print Services (MPS)will be held in in San Antonio, Texas on April 26th through 28th, 2009 and sponsored by the Photizo Group.

Now, for me, the Photizo Group is one of the very first groups, if not THE first group, dedicated to researching MPS and it's impact on the market. In addition to monitoring the market, the Photizo Group has defined the basic structure and phases of MPS -
  1. Control
  2. Optimize
  3. Enhance
These match my definition of the stages of MPS. I have incorporated these three stages into my talk-track. More importantly, I see evidence in the field that the above model is viable.

Having said that, I STRONGLY recommend everyone who is now in or thinking about getting into MPS attend.

- With the turbulence in our industry and with hardware dominating most vendor's and client's discussions, the most challenging task many face is differentiation. MPS is a differentiater - and the Photizo Group is out there on the leading edge -

The conference features three tracks.

"The first track is for those who are in the initial stages of an MPS engagement and who are trying to control or optimize the hardcopy (printers, MFP's, and copier) fleet.

The second track is for those who have implemented an MPS program, and who are now looking to drive business process optimization through advanced MPS services such as workflow consulting, document management optimization, and other activities to enhance the firms business processes.

The third track provides a focus on small and medium businesses and their specific MPS implementation issues."

There will be speakers, best practice presentations, case studies, market data, and many other sessions designed to provide attendees with actionable tips and techniques for the success of their MPS program.

You can register here.

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