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Friday, April 10, 2009

Doing More with Less:The PhotoShop Effect

Here's the deal, as technology helps us in all phases of our lives, printing, media, office, transportation, connecting and electing presidents at what point do the "machines" take over?

Social Media, Hyper-Media, Death of the Media, DiaMedia...all around us - at work and play and sometimes on more than one display.

When does the spectacular sunrise pop over the horizon only after the director says, "...cue the sun..."

When does, or when did, reality stop to matter?

This is a long way from Copiers and MPS - or is it?

To some degree, we in this industry are technology goofballs. We are. We know the difference between Kirk and Picard, between Starbuck and well, Starbuck; the difference between a BattleStar, DeathStar, and GunStar.

We grew up on Pong, The Brady Bunch and Charlie's Angels. We loved our first "carphone" and remember the first time we saw laser printer output held up against a 24-pin generated letter.

Oh, and we remember Gas Plasma displays, 256 shades of orange.

Want more proof of geekieness? As I am banging on the keys, in a HULU window, I am watching "Son of Godzilla" - you think that's wrong, it's a gift from mother nature.

So what?

From slick multi-pronged presidential marketing over Web 2.0, instant-on news tweets from Twitter to mob-journalism - What we see is not what is real.

Submitted for your approval - The PhotoShop Effect.

An example of how technology bend's time and space molding a psuedo-reality, first creating and then fulfilling our fantasies, one pixel at a time.

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