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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

IBM Buys HP. Canon takes Panasonic

In an unbelievable step today, two of the largest technology companies swallowed up one of their peers - not since the Ricoh/IKON deal has the industry been shaken so deeply.

Tokyo, Japan -

In a press release today, Canon announced the purchase of Panasonic, ", Canon moves forward boldly. Today, we shall incorporate color-coded machines. As the speed of each machine increase, the color will change from dark blue to vibrant red..."

Armonk, New York -

In related news, IBM today announced it's intentions to purchase HP. ", IBM begins it's quest to retake the printer market...also, we are proud to announce OS/2v2009, our newest and greatest operating system for the desktop..."

Outside of both press conferences, sightings of dozens of pigs flying were reported.

Happy April 1st.

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  1. In other April news, sales of A3 multifunction black and white copier-centric devices jumped 4000%. Several large companies announced their decision to mandate that all documents now be printed on tabloid paper.

    Happy April Fools Day, Mr. Walters.

  2. Dell in talks to buys Lexmark - as Dell wants to strengthen it's printer market share.

    Samsung buys Epson - Samsung wants to increase it'e portfolio of laser products and to get into the inkjet market.

    Sony to acquire Apple to lower it's cost of distribution of it's media through the iphone, iTV, iPod and the new iCar.

    Just a few other rumors I heard...


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