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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Dual Screens - Less Printing, and More Productivity


Back in January,
I picked up a little article through Jim Lyon's blog about how dual displays could reduce printing volume and increase employee productivity. 

 After assessing the print environment of a prospective client, I am considering dual monitors the main staple of future recommendations. According to a survey conducted by John Peddie Research, a 44% increase in productivity can be experienced when adding a second monitor - indeed, not just a second monitor, but large monitors. (22 inches and above) 

Also, although finding hard data points is difficult, there are many anecdotal incidents of reduced printing - one monitor displays the "print" document, email, .PDF, or any other document typically printed for reference - while the other screen is filled with core applications like Order Entry, A/R, and Microsoft suite. 

As a matter of fact, when recommending EDM systems, I have made dual monitors part of the standard, solution specifications; this makes the scan audit function much quicker. 

With falling prices, increased productivity, reduced printing, and end-user happiness - this has got to be the easiest way to win end-user acceptance - replace the local, stand-alone, single-function printer with a dual monitor. 

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  1. Couldn't agree more. I print at least 50% more when I am working without my secondary monitor.

    I'm amazed there isn't a bigger trend to this, especially from the LCD manufacturers.

  2. It's funny, we have 40 dual monitors(Order Entry) - I have been walking by them for almost 2 years now...

    And just had that "Doh!" moment...

    Keep coming back


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