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Monday, April 27, 2009

Managed Print Service Conference - Day One.

The rooms overflow.

Copious notes have been had.

Topics as mundane as remote monitoring and as unique as internally branded Managed Print Services dominate conversations.

And still, the definition of Managed Print Services eludes...

Memorable quotes of today:

Ashby Lowry, Vice President, General manager Enterprise Print Services Xerox Global Services:

" is our estimate that each knowledge worker represents $3,400.00 in annual printing related costs...this cost contains nearly 300 components..."

"...the goal of any good MPS is to lower the number of prints over the life of the engagement..."

Robert Simmons, Development Manager Printer Market, Samsung regarding MPS penetration:

"...we look to increase our MPS programs by 40%..."

Steve Pearl, Group Manager, Solutions Business Planning, Konica Minolta, regarding getting a Managed Print Services practice started:

"'re not launching a new product, your launching a new business..."

Day one of the first annual Managed Print Services conference is in the history books.

Lyra's Senior Analyst Steve Reynolds Discusses 'State of the Industry and MPS Predictions' at 1st Annual Managed Print Services Conference

First MPS Conference, so far…Great!

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