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Friday, April 17, 2009

LOL! I found this - I like Xerox, I like the Phaser, alot. But this is Funny

The best line of this little video is " Chewbaca's..."


  1. Hmmmm...

    TCI believe there is good FUD and bad FUD. The definition of good FUD is that it is fact based and therefore true. The definition of bad FUD is that it is... well... not fact based and therefore... a lie.

    The assertion that the solid ink devices are not Energy Star compliant are false. Check the brochure. TCI doubts that Mother X would make such a mistake.

    Furthermore, exactly how many people power down or unplug the printer before they leave for the day? TCI suspects there might be one or two whackjobs out there who do this... but TCI also suspects the number to be zero.

    TCI believes Mr. Hurd's organization might be a tad worried if the FUDslinging has reached this level. The video may be funny... but there are points which are either wrong or distorted.

    Further research is required. TCI has embarked on a fact based mission and will report when actual, real data is compiled.

    TCI slinks back for more cake and ramen noodles.

  2. I believe this video was made back in the day - the Phaser may not have been E*Star...the vid is years old.

    But that's not my point, it's funny.

    Nobody powers down - yet.

    I believe the X is on top of it with the Phaser - but I loved the Chewbaca line...had to be done.


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