Monday, October 26, 2009

Video of The Week: She's The One, Springsteen

I first saw Bruce in 1980, in Joe Louis Arena, Detroit Michigan.

My seats?

I could lean back against the wall - I was in the very last row, on the highest level, the furthest anyone could be.

Didn't make a difference. He came on at 8:15 and the show ended at 1:07AM...incredible. The Big Man studded out in a white tux, and yes, that was Mighty Max on the drums - you know, he's on Conan now.

Mitch Ryder sang and the last 45 minutes all the house lights came on and stayed on.

Nobody was sitting - good lord, it was magic.

Enjoy, it's a 6 minute, 42 second break...start the week strong.


  1. The Boss is still going strong. Saw the E Street Band play Born to Run straight through in Chicago last month and will see them again in Milwaukee next month. Clarence (age 67) has some mobility issues making it necessary to hoist him onto the stage and to use a stool for part of the 3 hour show, but he can still blow his horn like nobody else. At 60, Bruce doesn't look a day over 50 and still puts on the best show in rock and roll.

    The added trumpet of Curt Ramm in the last month (since Chicago) has been a welcome addition to the main set after just being used on Tenth Avenue Freeze-out and Meeting Across the River in Chicago. There's a party still going on.

  2. Jon -

    Thanks for the update - it is difficult to fathom the band at those ages - I can't believe it.

    I can, however, believe that the show, the party, is still Racing In The Streets.