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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Bowling Green Initiating Managed Print Services Program: Print Responsibly

Press Release:

"Print Responsibilty' campaign goes into effect

Monday, 02 Nov 2009, 11:11 AM EST

By Sentinel Staff


Bowling Green State University this week will begin to implement its Print Responsibly campaign that President Carol Cartwright announced during her State of the University address last month.

The program is described as a more cost-effective and environmentally friendly way to handle everyday printing and other tasks like copying, scanning and faxing.

The university will contract with a company with expertise in managed print services.

When fully implemented next year, BGSU will no longer purchase any non-specialized printers, copiers, fax machines or scanners.

The campaign is projected to save about $1.5 million a year and reduce annual consumption of paper by up to 40 percent.

University departments will not be responsible for purchasing toner or other materials, or maintenance costs, but instead will simply pay a per-page price for printed or copied documents. This will also give BGSU access to the latest technology.

Beginning Tuesday, the Print Responsibly team will be visiting offices and departments. The purpose of these initial visits is to confirm the inventory of printers, copiers, and fax machines and scanners.

The inventory is expected to take about four weeks to complete. Other visits will follow to discuss printing needs with the departments.

In November, ITS will begin a pilot program with several departments that have volunteered to be part of the launch. University-wide implementation of the Print Responsibly program will likely begin next semester.

A Web site to provide additional information about the program can be found at here.

Cartwright said there will likely be changes to the university's approaches to printing but expects the payoff for the program will be quite significant. She said savings will stay in the respective departments.

She noted the university prints about 70 million pages per year. With Print Responsibly, Cartwright expects to see a reduction in the amount of paper used of up to 40 percent or 28 million pages.

DOTC - 70 million pages/year billed at let's say 0.0120 results in a revenue of $840,000; at the "standard" MPS GP of 35%, 294k in GP.


  1. Hi Greg,
    At the bottom of the article you note .012 for service and supplies on an mfp? And they have a total average monthly volume of 70,000,000? I think that sounds way too high. On an mfp pool plan, they could easily get .005. Am I missing something? Do you know what kind of machines they're using?

  2. Anon - no, you are not missing anything.

    The 0.0120 is a pooled figure I have found usable on a fleet of HP MFP's-not know, about 9k acquisition cost and 0.0120 for an MPS Engagement...Just a comparison.

  3. Thanks, I appreciate all the info. I was curious about something, when you sell mps, what is the minimum number of printers necessary to make the deal profitable and does your organization use OEM or a different vendor?

  4. Anon - email


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