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Monday, November 16, 2009

HP Recognized for Leadership in Managed Print Services by Global Industry Analyst Firms

I have reprinted the presser from HP.

In summary, IDC, Gartner, and Photizo all laud HP as a global leader in MPS.

The first line of the release,

"HP today announced its managed print services (MPS) offering has been recognized as the preferred choice for enterprise customers by IDC..."

Key Phrase: Enterprise Customers.

For all of us here in the SMB space, or maybe slightly higher, this means nothing.

As a prospect with 1,110 employees, this means nothing.

As a BTA member, schlepping copiers, this means nothing.

As a IT VAR, venturing into MPS, this means nothing.

And not just from HP, but Xerox too. Remember, they are BOTH in the upper right corner of the Magical Quadrant; and for us, this means nothing.


Because, Global, Enterprise sized MPS Engagements look nothing like what we see every, single day. The tools, process and "talent" do not trickle down to the channel(s). Case in point, Canon and HP.

Canon through HP is for Enterprise Accounts only. There is no way Canon would jeopardize its small, fledgling channel by allowing the HP behemoth to sell Canon gear through an HP channel.

Canon is smart on this issue, perhaps not becuase Canon is afraid of the HP channel taking business from existing CBS and Canon dealers. But maybe Canon doesn't want to be part of another "Hawk" or "Bear" debacle.

Just my crazy mind working overtime...

Enjoy the PR.

PALO ALTO, Calif., Nov. 16, 2009 – HP today announced its managed print services (MPS) offering has been recognized as the preferred choice for enterprise customers by IDC, a leading provider of IT research and advice.

HP Managed Print Services transforms business processes by optimizing a company’s imaging and printing infrastructure, effectively managing the total imaging and printing environment and improving and streamlining document workflows. It helps customers cut costs, increase productivity and reduce their environmental footprints.

HP was identified as the leader in a recent survey conducted by IDC, “Managed Print Services – Global Market and Provider Analysis.”(1) Within the survey sample, HP had the highest share of new and outstanding MPS contracts among hardcopy manufacturers.(2)

“HP has expanded its capabilities to strengthen the MPS industry with its IT heritage, and we continue to increasingly capture the growing MPS market and surpass expectations,” said Vyomesh Joshi, executive vice president, Imaging and Printing Group, HP. “Our recent momentum is a powerful proof point in HP’s strategy to establish long-term contractual relationships with the world’s top companies as we continue to lead the digital print transformation.”

The IDC report is the latest in a series of third-party studies that show HP’s leadership in MPS. Others include the 2009 Magic Quadrant for MPS from Gartner, which placed HP in the Leaders Quadrant(3) and Photizo Group’s 2009 MPS Market Forecast, which positions HP as the global leader.(4)

“The IDC study, coupled with HP’s recognized leadership in similar reports, firmly demonstrates that HP remains the best choice for customers as they invest in MPS and look for new ways to reduce costs and improve productivity,” said Bruce Dahlgren, senior vice president, Imaging and Printing Group, HP. “Once again, HP’s extensive product portfolio, strength in networking and services, and expert knowledge has positioned the company as a leader, demonstrating that customers continue to choose HP as their trusted partner in managed print services.”

In related news, HP recently announced a Managed Enterprise Solutions (MES) global business unit led by Bruce Dahlgren within the Imaging and Printing Group (IPG), an expanded alliance with Canon, enhanced channel-led programs, hardware and solutions, the HP Payback Printing Campaign and the largest ever rollout of HP printing workflow solutions.

The first of its kind for its comprehensive, demand-side coverage, IDC’s “Managed Print Services – Global Market and Provider Analysis” covers 10 countries in four geographic regions – the United States, Western Europe, Asia Pacific and Latin America.

The analysis shows that cost cutting is the primary motivator of adoption for MPS, with optimizing the printing infrastructure and environmental sustainability as other key motivators. Motivators also examined were regulatory compliance and security, paper document storage, business process transformation, a merger or acquisition, or a services contract extension.

“The results of the survey show HP’s strength in MPS,” said Angèle Boyd, analyst and group vice president, IDC. “With HP’s IT assets and HP Enterprise Services, formally EDS, IPG is a significant force in this growing market.”

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  1. Magic quadrant... schmagic quadrant.

    Perhaps the direct reps for HP and X might use this to their advantage... but chances are they're incapable of explaining it.

    I can hear the talk track now...

    "Managed Print? Ummmm... does that mean you wanna buy a new, faster, bright and shiny box? Because we've got boxes... oh yeah... we've got boxes."


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