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Monday, November 30, 2009

The Word From Hurd: IPG Growth Includes Wal and K*Mart

One word kid, one word..."Kiosk...Kiosk...Kiosk..."

Ok, that's three words.

I have seen the future of Edgeline and it is at K*Mart.

HP's notorious inventory challenges are reportedly behind them, and 2010 looks to be a year of "recovery...and attack..."

IPG is leaner, meaner and looks " drive further share in installed base gains with double digit printer unit growth in Q1..."

Hurd's remark about IPG expansion around "100's of photo kiosks..." piqued my interest.

Somebody, somewhere, somehow, is manufacturing EDGELINE engines. The Final Destination just isn't a department in your corporate accounts, it's underneath a blinking, blue light, in isle 13.


"...IPG is poised for recovery and is getting on the attack. As we enter fiscal year 2010, the headwinds in channel inventory are behind us. We expect supplies growth to improve with economic trends, and employment levels and project a flattish result in Q1.

Demand is also improving for our printers.

We gained share sequentially and we expect to drive further share in installed base gains with double digit printer unit growth in Q1. Due to improvements in our cost structure we can do this while remaining within the 15 to 17% operating margin that we laid out at our analyst meeting in September.

IPG is also gaining significant traction with its growth initiatives. We deployed hundreds of photo kiosks this quarter at Wal-Mart and look forward to further expansion in 2010.

Recent studies released by market analysts highlight HPs leadership in managed print services with more signings than any of our competitors. We're encouraged by our Managed Print Services funnel, which is at record levels, these deals are generally for multiple years and have a high attach rate of supplies.

In commercial print the analog to digital page shift is occurring and we are leveraging our technology to accelerate the transition. Partnerships with industry leaders like Pitney Bowes, RR Donnelly, and web press purchases from communication leaders, Omnicom demonstrate the power of our portfolio and capabilities. We expect you will hear more partnerships from us shortly.With our significant market leadership and broad patent portfolio, we are well positioned to capture this significant page opportunity..."

For a good re-cap, check out Jim's blog, here.

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