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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Ricoh Develops the World’s First Biomass Toner

More green Ricoh.

I have been to the Ricoh plant here in Costa Mesa, Southern California.

At the time, the plant had a "zero to landfill" designation.

This was years ago, and impressive. I forget which devices are produced there, it doesn't matter.

Ricoh is another company that walks the walk as well as talks the talk when it comes to green.

The Green Movement may be more puff than fact, but if you believe, you should live by those beliefs.


Sustainability is crucial to society’s survival.

Ricoh believes that a company must take responsibility for all the materials used in its products. Ricoh does this while focusing on two points: minimizing the amount of resources extracted from the natural world, and finding alternatives to resources at risk of depletion.

Toward this end, Ricoh is actively converting the materials it uses from non-renewable petroleum resources to reproducible biomass as well as recycling its products. Biomass plastic has already being used in some Ricoh products.

In a recent highlight, Ricoh developed the world’s first(*) biomass toner as a genuine manufacturer’s supply item, and released machines that utilize this toner in the Japanese market. About 80% of conventional toner is petroleum-based resin. Our new “for E toner” however, has a biomass content of 25% of the entire mass including the resin.

The “for E toner” will help reduce environmental impact in the following two ways:

1) Suppressing CO2 emissions from burning the toner printed on used paper.
(Including toner elements separated from the paper in the paper recycling process.)

2) Reducing the use of depletable petroleum resources

Ricoh got an early start in using biomass toner in actual products. We will continue accumulating technologies and know-how on the biomass toner, with the goal of preserving the environment.

Please refer to Biomass Toner Technology and Development of alternative materials using biomass resins for detail.

Press Release here.

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